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Myra joined EaseUS in 2017. As a big fan of Apple products, she mainly focuses on iOS data transfer and iOS troubleshooting tips. Meanwhile, she is expanding her knowledge and skills in other fields like data recovery and disk management.

Since Myra joined EaseUS, she has received professional training on how to write how-to guides and accumulated useful knowledge about iOS devices. Now she is an experienced writer on iOS data transfer, iPhone screen unlock, iPhone location changing, and online video download.
When she was in college, Myra majored in Informational Technology and minored in English, and worked hard for her double major even on weekends and vacations. Besides, she also earned a scholarship as an excellent student.
Myra is open-minded and likes both extensive and intensive reading. Other than reading and writing, she is also fond of mobile games and K-pop stars.

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Reliable Ringtone Maker for PC - EaseUS Ringtone Maker

You will get an easy-to-use iPhone ringtone maker for PC. With this ringtone maker, you will be able to make custom ringtones for your iPhone or iPad using a song from your computer, a YouTube video, SoundCloud, or your mobile device.

Myra   |   Oct 18, 2022

How to Set Ringtone in iPhone Without iTunes

If you want to set any song as your iPhone ringtone without iTunes, it will be a good choice for you to apply a reliable iPhone ringtone maker, like EaseUS Ringtone Editor.

Myra   |   Oct 18, 2022

How to Make a Sound Your Ringtone

Whether you are using an iPhone or Android phone, it is possible for you to make an audio file a ringtone. However, depending on the device you use, the difficulty varies. Follow to learn how to make a sound your ringtone within minutes.

Myra   |   Oct 18, 2022

How to Make Ringtones for iPhone Without iTunes

iTunes is a workable but not the only way to make iPhone ringtones. If you want to make ringtones for iPhone without iTunes, keep reading and you will know how to get it done without any difficulties.

Myra   |   Oct 18, 2022

How to Buy Ringtones for iPhone

If you are looking to buy ringtones for your iPhone, you will know how to do it after reading this guide. Besides, in case you need it, the way to get ringtones for iPhone without buying is also provided.

Myra   |   Oct 18, 2022

How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on iPhone XR

You will know how to set a song as a ringtone on iPhone XR or other generations of iPhones easily following this guide. Read it right now and learn how to make any song your ringtone within seconds.

Myra   |   Oct 18, 2022

How to Customize Ringtone on iPhone

To make any song your ringtone, you first need to learn how to customize ringtone on an iPhone, either with or without iTunes. If you want to make custom ringtones for an iPhone, read this guide and you will know how to do it within minutes.

Myra   |   Sep 28, 2022

How to Change Your Ringtone on iPhone 11

After reading this guide, you will not only know how to change the ringtone on your iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or other iPhone models but also learn the way to make a custom ringtone on your iPhone with ease.

Myra   |   Sep 28, 2022

How to Set iTunes Song as Ringtone

If there is a song you like in your iTunes library, you can want to make it your iPhone ringtone. If you do, read this guide and learn how to set an iTunes song as a ringtone for your iPhone.

Myra   |   Sep 28, 2022

How to Make a Ringtone in iTunes

To create a custom ringtone for your iPhone, you can use the official program from Apple - iTunes to get things done. If you prefer an easier way to make your own ringtone, try an easy ringtone maker instead.

Myra   |   Sep 28, 2022

YouTube to Ringtone: Covert YouTube to Ringtone Easily

You can easily turn YouTube videos into Ringtones with the help of an ringtone maker. If that is what you want, do not hesitate to follow this guide to convert YouTube to ringtone easily and quickly.

Myra   |   Sep 28, 2022

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