If I Change My Apple ID, Will I Lose My Photos?

My parents and I have always shared an Apple ID. However, recently, I want to start my own Apple ID account. Will it do some harm to my photos? I have a lot of photos on my device.

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Myra· Answered on May 24, 2024

Changing your Apple ID will not cause you to lose your photos. Your photos are stored in the Photos app on your device and are usually backed up to iCloud or another cloud storage service. Your Apple ID is used to access iCloud and other Apple services but is not directly linked to your photos.

If you have uploaded photos to iCloud, you can download them all to your device so that you can still access these pictures and videos on your iPhone even after you sign into your new Apple ID.

How to Change Apple ID Without Losing Photos:

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap on your name to access Apple ID pages.

Step 2. Tap iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photos.

Step 3. Choose Download and Keep Originals. Then, your iPhone is storing original photos and videos instead of iCloud thumbnail.

However, it is always a good idea to back up your photos before making any significant changes to your Apple ID or device, just to be safe. You can back up your photos to a computer to ensure they are safe and accessible in case anything goes wrong during the Apple ID change process.

EaseUS MobiMover can be your great helper in the data backup process. It can transfer your photos without losing quality or changing format. Also, it is convenient and efficient when you have multiple pictures since it will move the whole image category in several clicks.

How to Back Up Your iPhone Photos to PC:

Step 1. Launch MobiMover and connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable.

Step 2. Click Phone to PC and choose the category of Photos.

Step 3. Click Transfer, and all your photos will be backed up on your computer.

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