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Overview of iTunes Shutting Down

Apple is planning to shut down iTunes in the latest macOS as we've been heard in the past months, and it finally comes true. Are you worried about losing iTunes so the way of managing your iDevices? Let's see where iTunes is going to, and what will replace iTunes that you're so accustomed to.

Where Does iTunes Go

At WWDC 2019, Apple had confirmed closing iTunes on Macs with its Fall 2019 Update (macOS Catalina), which has come to the public on 7, October. It has been broken up to three new seperate apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts, to manage each specific type of media.

What Can We Expect from Its Successive Apps

Since 2001, Apple's iTunes has developed a large group of ardent users with iPads, iPhones and iPods. The earth is turning, the time is running, and the world is changing, so is the entertainment ecosystem. Online music, videos, movies and TV programs with a month or a year subscription have become the trend in popularity. Old-fashioned way of "owning" music or music videos in iTunes has dramatically altered to the new Music app; Plus digital videos and podcasts continue to drive the revenue in recent years, Apple starts to lay more importance on the Podcasts app and the dedicated TV app.

Who Will Replace iTunes for Future Backup and Transfer

Splitting iTunes into three independent apps will expectantly accelerate morden users, who live in an information era, to come into contact with their faviourite songs, videos, movies, and TV series. Though iTunes is mature and widely-used so far, it's turning bloated and awkward-to-navigate with multiple purposes of application. Will you still hold on to iTunes after being accustomed to the three apps? How are you going to proceed with job rountines like iPhone/iPad backup or data transfer? We'll see...

Must-Have iTunes Alternative - EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover, like iTunes, is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Unlike some of the iPhone data transfer tools, it is fully iTunes-independent, which means you can use it without installing iTunes. Even if iTunes is out of service, you can continue using the software as you like.


As an iDevice user, you frequently transfer files between two iOS devices or between an iOS device and a computer. Sometimes, to ultilize your iPhone/iPad/iPod space more effectively, you attempt to manage your iDevice content by deleting items. No matter what you want, EaseUS MobiMover can do it for you.

Seamlessly switch to your new iPhone/iPad/iPod

Getting a new iDevice is always exciting. This excitement will dim once you realize there are lots of files waiting for the migration from your previous device to the new one. This is what the "Phone to Phone" feature is created for. Connect both of your iDevices to your computer, then let the software copy the photos, videos, music, contacts, books, and more to your new iPhone/iPad/iPod within minutes.

Back up your precious memories and free up your iDevice space

Commonly, your iPhone/iPad/iPod is loaded with numerous pictures, various videos, hundreds of songs, and other space occupiers. However, it's emotionally unaffordable to remove all these precious files to get more storage. Luckily, the "Phone to PC" feature will eliminate your worries by backing up all your photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages, and more to your computer. Afterward, you can delete these occupiers that are draining your iDevice storage without worrying about data loss.


Freely access and manage your iDevice content from the computer

Isn't it preferable to edit, add or delete your iDevice photos, videos, music, playlists, contacts, and more from your computer? The "Content Management" feature spares you from being limited to the tiny screen of your iPhone/iPad/iPod and provides you with a more convenient way to manage your iDevice content by editing, adding, or deleting items.

Enrich your iDevice content as you like

Have memorable photos downloaded from the Internet, wonderful videos from YouTube and soothing audio files from SoundCloud on your computer? What would you do if you want to enjoy these items to your handy mobile device? The "PC to Phone" feature will get your needs met perfectly by adding whatever you want to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Comparison Between iTunes and EaseUS MobiMover

Some features of these two programs overlap, but some of them are exclusive. With a clear understanding of the differences between iTunes and EaseUS MobiMover, you can choose the optimal tool for yourself.

  • iTunes is oriented as a audio/video player with file sysncing, data backup, and recovery as auxiliary functions.

  • Data Transfer

    1. Data transfer is completed via syncing and backup
    2. Potential of data loss while syncing
    3. Cannot access the files backed up to the computer

  • File Management

    1. Indirectly completed by syncing

  • More Features

    1. Store

  • EaseUS MobiMover is a professional iOS data transfer and file management tool.

  • 1. Transfer data between devices via USB connection
    2. No potential data loss
    3. Support selective transfer

  • 1. Selectively and directly delete items

  • 1. Video converter
    2. Video downloader

Briefly speaking, if you prefer a flexible tool that helps you to manage your iPhone content more freely, EaseUS MobiMover is an advisable choice for you. If you desire a tool that is more integrated with your iPhone, choose iTunes instead.

What Else Can EaseUS MobiMover Do for You

Compared with iTunes, there are other things EaseUS MobiMover can do for you: video conversion and video downloading from video sites. See how can these two functions serve you better.

Help you enjoy videos regardless of file formats

Many of you may want to transfer videos the format of which is not supported by your iPhone/iPad/iPod at one time or another. In such situations, EaseUS MobiMover will convert these videos with unsupported formats to the supported ones and ensure you can watch the videos to your heart's content.

Keep you away from video buffering issue

Other than data transfer tool and content manager, EaseUS MobiMover can also serve as a video downloader that enables you to download videos for offline watching from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, only using the URL.

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