How to Share Data on iPhone in 4 Ways

Sharing data on iPhone can be easily done via different methods offered in this post. Whether you're planning to share data between iOS devices, between an iOS device and a computer, share Hotspot on iPhone, or share Google data on iPhone, this guide gets you covered.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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Sharing data on the iPhone is easy - AirDrop, EaseUS MobiMover, and Settings are the solutions. Whatever the data you want to transfer and whichever device you want to share with, this guide gets you covered. 

Part 1. How to Share Personal Hotspot on iPhone 
Part 2. How to Share Data between iPhone and iPhone (iPad) via AirDrop
Part 3. How to Share Data between iPhone and Computer
Part 4. How to Share Google Calendar Data on iPhone

Part 1. How to Share Personal Hotspot on iPhone 

If you want to share cellular internet from your iPhone to other devices, you can follow the steps below to do it. Before getting started, a couple of things should be noted.

  • Personal Hotspot is not available with all carriers. 
  • Additional fees may apply.
  • The number of devices that can connect to your Personal Hotspot at one time depends on your carrier and iPhone model.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app > General > Personal Hotspot, enable it.

Step 2. On the other device, go to the Settings > Wi-Fi, then choose your iPhone from the list of available networks.

Step 3. If asked, enter the password of Wi-Fi.

Part 2. How to Share Data between iPhone and iPhone (iPad) via AirDrop

Step 1. Activate AirDrop on iPhone or iPad

AirDrop can be activated on both your iPhone and iPad. It is absolute that AirDrop needs to be activated on both iOS devices between which files are to be shared.

Open the control center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Then open the WLAN menu in the Control Center with 3D-Touch and make sure that WLAN and Bluetooth are activated. As soon as the menu opens, you can activate AirDrop.


Step 2. Choose the target device

Now you can choose which people you want to share files with, either only with your contacts or with everyone.

Step 3. Share files with AirDrop

As already mentioned, you can share everything that has a Share button. For example, let's take a photo that we want to transfer from an iPhone to an iPad.

To do this, we first open the photo on our iPhone and tap the Share button in the bottom left corner.


It may last a moment before the other iOS device (or its user's name) appears in AirDrop. Touch the other device to send the photo or another file.


On the other device - in our case a second iPhone - there is a notice that someone is sharing a photo with us. After clicking Accept, the photo will be received and then displayed in the Photos App.

Part 3. How to Share Data between iPhone and Computer

AirDrop only works between Apple devices. However, if you want to exchange files with a Windows PC, you have to use third-party providers, for example, EaseUS MobiMover Free, if you don't want to use iTunes. MobiMover serves to transfer files between two iOS devices (iPhone/iPad in iOS 8 or later) or between an iOS device and the computer. Photos, videos, music, ringtones, voice memos, contacts, messages, and more can all be transferred to or from your iPhone using MobiMover.

Now, click the button below to safely download and install EaseUS MobiMover Free on your PC, then follow the steps to transfer files from PC to iPhone to have a try.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and tap "Trust" on your device. Start EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to the "PC to Phone" mode. Click "Select Files" to transfer data from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

how to transfer data from computer to iPhone - step 1

Step 2. Windows File Explorer is now open, so you can freely browse the files you want to transfer. After choosing the desired files, click "Open".

how to transfer data from computer to iPhone - step 2

Step 3. You can preview the detailed information of selected files on the right pane. The "Add Contents" option allows you to add more items to transfer. You can also directly drag the files to the appointed area. Finally, click "Transfer" to transfer data from your computer to iPhone. Don't disconnect your iPhone until the process accomplishes. The transfer won't take long, so wait patiently.

how to transfer data from computer to iPhone - step 3

Part 4. How to Share Google Calendar Data on iPhone

Actually, there is no way to share the Google calendar on your iPhone. But you can do it via a browser. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Open Google Calendar in a browser.

Step 2. Click on the "My Calendars" on the left.

Step 3. From the calendars list, choose the one you'd like to share and click "More" (three dots).

Step 4. Choose "Settings and sharing."

Share Google Calendar

Step 5. Then, you will come to the "Share with specific people" section. From here, click "Add people."

Step 6. Input the name or email address of the receiver. 

Step 7. Click "Permissions" and choose the way you allow your receiver to do with the calendar.

Share Google Calendar

Step 8. Click "Send."

The Bottom Line

That's all about our guide on how to share data on the iPhone. Whatever kind of data you'd like to share, this post will guide you through the process of doing it.

As mentioned in this post, EaseUS MobiMover is seamlessly compatible with the newly released iPhone 12. If you need to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone 12, check the detailed guides.

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