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EaseUS is the best affiliate program for beginners and pros. We believe your success is ours and will help you grow by incentivizing your performance. Join us and monetize your referrals on a scale.

Why Join EaseUS Affiliate Program?

Here are the benefits and advantages that EaseUS provides for you. Figure out the benefits your business could expect, and get started with us.

Attractive Commission Scale

  • Up to 60% commission rate, plus extra bonuses.
  • Referral period: last click, up to 90 days
  • AOV $50.00 and over 530 million customers.
  • Most popular software across a range of verticals.
  • Global traffics and almost promotional methods are allowed.
  • Newsletters with updates on promos, insights and sales opportunities.
  • Faster and easier payment in 60 currencies.
  • Real-time performance reporting.

Well-known Brand

EaseUS is a widely recognized brand in the software and utility industry with over 530 million users worldwide. A great program's reputation and brand awareness set you up for success and helps you grow.

Bestselling Products

Most popular software range from data recovery, backup, disk management for great productivity, video or audio creativity, PDF solution, and office essentials. At EaseUS, you'll find one or more products suitable for your audience.

Performance-Only Campaign

Our culture is to share fruitful results. How much revenue you earn is only up to your performance. Get a portion of every qualifying sale you refer. Besides, attractive incentives & bonuses are offered regularly.

Reliable Program

EaseUS works with trusted affiliate networks for years, which paired innovative tools and solutions with simple guidance. Thus, our program helps you understand, reach your audience easier, and paid faster.

Rich Resources

It's easy for you to get automated creatives, links & banners for your promo. Fresh promotional materials, offers, and sales opportunities. For special offers, customized solutions are available.

Responding Support

You're supported by our professional performance marketing team. The great people at EaseUS are committed to helping you through email, live chat, call, Skype, or remote meetings.

Successful Story

Estimated Earnings ≈$6000.00

"We've worked with EaseUS for many years, and grown business globally with strategic partnerships. What does make us very impressive? That's the trusted brand and reputation."


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Terms and Conditions


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Destination Site: all EaseUS websites are supported

  • Join EaseUS for free
  • Easy and friendly workflow
  • Dynamic commissioning
  • Cross-platform tracking
  • In-depth track and data reporting
  • Customized & instant payment
  • Global marketing with local service
  • Clear self-learning help center
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Destination Site: all EaseUS websites are supported

  • Explore, apply to, and join EaseUS free.
  • Flexible commissions.
  • Simple & automate links.
  • An easy deep link generator.
  • Robust, future-proof tracking techology.
  • Nicely designed backend dashboard for beginners and pros.
  • Unparalleled data reports.
  • Automated & instant payment.
  • Sufficient self-support center.

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Destination Site:

  • Join EaseUS for free.
  • User-friendly setup wizard.
  • Customize tracking via deeplinks
  • Easily transaction reporting dashboard.
  • Easy payment setup process.
  • Sufficient self-learning Help-Hub resources.

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About EaseUS

EaseUS, established in 2004, an international leading software developer keeps focus on data security and the best users' experience to make easy digital life. EaseUS products of advanced technology are now installed on millions of computers, workstation and servers worldwide across data backup, recovery, transfer and disk management fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for help? Find your answers here.

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Who could be an affiliate of EaseUS?

Basically, anyone can become an EaseUS affiliate. If you are interested and eager to promote EaseUS products, you're eligible! Affiliates are independent marketers who promote EaseUS products & services on their websites or through social media.

Which affiliate network should I use?

List out all your needs for the platform. Choose one of the platforms or sign up for all the ones that interest you. Find out which platform is the most appropriate for your business and channel. Join EaseUS on the platforms mentioned above.

Already have an account on the platform, how can I sign up for the EaseUS campaign?

If you're already a member of the affiliate network, you can sign up for the EaseUS Affiliate Program directly from your dashboard by searching the EaseUS brand in the campaign list.

Does it cost anything to become an EaseUS Affiliate?

No, there is absolutely no cost to becoming an EaseUS Affiliate. Totally free to join now.

When will my application be approved?

Generally, it takes us 2 or 3 business days to review your application, and give you further notification soon. You'll be approved or declined within 3 days.

Should I agree to the terms and conditions of the EaseUS affiliate program first?

Yes, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the EaseUS affiliate program first. That's the default agreement for this partnership. Be sure to pay attention to the special terms that are important reminders for your marketing.

I have joined the program. What are my next steps?

Once your request is approved, you are an affiliate of the EaseUS affiliate program. You could get started by getting links, mentioning EaseUS on your site, or listing EaseUS on your social media channel. Don't forget to share and use the link for EaseUS products.

Why is my application not approved?

EaseUS will strictly approve each application according to the key standard that focuses on quality. If your marketing falls under the following circumstances, there is a good chance that your application will not be accepted. 1) Your marketing is less related to EaseUS products and services. 2) Content is not conducive to attracting the correct audience. 3) Content not deemed appropriate. 4) It appears that you don't get sufficient traffic to your site. 5) Promotional methods are not allowed. 6) The web pages listed cannot be found. 7) Your sites couldn't be visited. 8) Fraud marketing.

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