How to Delete Multiple Apps on iPhone in 4 Easy Ways | Complete Guide

Do you want to know how to delete multiple apps on iPhone? Read this comprehensive guide to the end to explore some easy ways to do this.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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Unnecessary apps may cause high storage consumption. Therefore, it would be wise to delete files on iPhone, remove unnecessary apps, and delete app data from iPhone. Apple allowed users to delete multiple applications through iTunes in older iOS versions. Later, this feature was discontinued after the iTunes 12.7 update. So, if you are running iOS 16/17 and want to remove iPhone apps at once, you are lucky to be here. This guide will teach you how to delete multiple apps on iPhone.

Comparison of 4 Methods to Delete Multiple Apps on iPhone

Removing unwanted apps is a great way to free up iPhone memory, and deleting multiple apps at the same time is a daunting task. For this purpose, we have explored how to delete multiple apps on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/x in 4 easy ways. To further understand the effectiveness of these methods for deleting apps and app history on iPhone, have a look at the table chart below:

Methods Effectiveness Difficulty Time Efficient
EaseUS MobiMover High - select and delete apps at once with oneclick Super Easy Yes
From Settings Medium - remove apps from iPhone Storage Moderately Easy No
Offloads Unused Apps Medium - offload unused apps to free up storage Easy No
From Home Screen Medium - delete apps one by one Easy No

Way 1. How to Delete Multiple Apps on iPhone at Once with One Click

If you are confused about how to mass delete apps on iPhones, you might as well try the EaseUS MobiMover which can resolve the problem efficiently. This tool is time-saving for those looking for an effortless way to uninstall applications, delete photos from iPhone and other content at once with one click.

With this EaseUS software, you don't need to manually delete multiple applications from your iPhone/iPad. You can simply uninstall, manage and transfer all mobile apps and app data directly from your Windows PC or Mac. If interested, you can download it by clicking the button below and try it out to get amazed.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac. Run EaseUS MobiMover and go to "Content Management" > Apps. 

How to delete apps on iPhone - Step 1

Step 2. Then, all of your apps will be displayed on the screen > Choose the Apps you'd like to delete from your iPhone > Click the "Delete" button. After that, you will see a new window asking for confirmation. Click "Yes" to delete apps from your iPhone/iPad. 

How to delete apps on iPhone - Step 2

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Way 2. How to Delete Bulk Apps on iPhone from Settings

In an unfortunate scenario, you might not have a PC or Mac to install the above tool and get its amazing benefits but don't be disappointed. With this alternative method, you can still delete multiple apps on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X directly from your iPhone settings. To begin with, here is the step-by-step guide to deleting bulk apps from iPhone settings in the easiest way:

Step 1. Locate the "Settings" app from your iDevice home screen. After locating it, tap it and go to "General." Next, scroll to the "iPhone Storage" setting and access it.

go to iPhone Storage

Step 2. A screen will appear that will show all apps installed on your iPhone. Swipe left the app you want to remove and tap the "Delete" option. Following the confirmation message, tap again on the "Delete" option and repeat this process to remove other applications.

confirm app deletion process

Way 3. How to Delete Mass Apps By Using Offload Unused Apps

Are you facing the problem of fully occupied iPhone storage and don't want to delete app data on the iPhone? For this purpose, the offload feature of the iPhone can be used to preserve essential documents and data saved in the application and remove the rest of the app space. 

This method is different from uninstalling the app, and after reinstalling the app, the preserved data will return to your iPhone application. So, let's jump into the method with these step-by-step instructions:

Instructions: First, go to "Settings" and scroll down to select the option of "App Store." After entering the App Store settings, toggle on the "Offload Unused Apps" option. Your iPhone will then offload unused apps to make room for more data.

enable offload unused apps feature

Way 4. How to Delete iPhone Apps One by One from Home Screen

Many smartphone users install free applications without thinking it would burden their iPhone storage. That's why freeing up space is a better idea to optimize your phone and improve overall performance. You can follow these steps to delete apps on iPhone permanently from the home screen:

Step 1. First of all, access the home screen of your iDevice and long-press the app you want to delete.

Step 2. A context menu will appear on your iPhone's screen. From there, select the "Remove App" option and confirm the process by tapping the "Delete App" option. Once you tap the Delete App option, your iPhone will ask for the last confirmation to avoid accidental deletion.

choose the remove app option

Bonus: How to Delete Hidden Apps on iPhone or iPad

After deleting unused applications from your iPhone or iPad, let us give you a bonus tip. The tip of the day is that you can also delete the hidden apps on your iPhone to clear storage on iPhone 15. Usually, these hidden apps are not visible on the home screen. Therefore, you have to search such applications in the app library to delete them. Follow the straightforward instructions below to quickly delete apps on iPhone that are hidden:

Step 1. To delete iPhone apps hidden from your home screen, swipe left until "App Library" appears on your screen. This screen will show you all apps as well as hidden.

Step 2. Search for an app by tapping the search bar on the app library, or you can swipe down to select the hidden apps that appear in your library. Next, press and hold the desired app icon until a menu appears. Hit the "Delete App" button, confirm the process, and it will be removed permanently.

access your iphone app library


In conclusion, deleting unwanted apps is necessary to get some precious space on your iPhone. For this reason, this article introduced 4 helpful methods to free up iPhone storage by guiding you on how to delete multiple apps on the iPhone. You can choose between any technique from the above that suits you best.

However, in our honest opinion, the most effective one we have discussed is using the EaseUS MobiMover tool. With this iPhone data management tool, you can remove or manage the apps on your iOS devices more efficiently. Moreover, this tool has dozens of other features to solve your many smartphone concerns.

FAQs on How to Delete iPhone Apps

Check out these commonly asked questions along with their answers to further clarify your confusion about how to delete multiple apps on your iPhone.

1. What is the fastest way to delete apps on my iPhone?

The fastest way to delete apps on your iPhone is EaseUS MobiMover because, with this tool, you can remove multiple applications from your iDevice in one click. 

2. How do I clear my iPhone cache?

Sometimes, deleting unnecessary apps is not enough to free up space. Therefore, clearing the cache helps you to get some storage. Here's how you can clear iPhone cache.

  • From your iDevice's settings, find and tap on the "Safari" web browser settings.
  • After this, you have to select the option of "Clear History and Website Data." Confirm the process, and your iPhone cache will be cleared.

3. How to free up space on iPhone without deleting apps?

You can also free up space on your iPhone without deleting apps. Here's the guide to deleting apps.

  • Open the "Settings" of your iPhone and access the "App Store" settings from the list.
  • Enable the option of "Offload Unused Apps." This will store the important app data and delete the rest.

4. How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone?

You can delete multiple contacts on your iPhone by following these simple steps:

  • Open the Contact app on your iPhone, and press and hold the contact with two fingers.
  • Use your fingers to drag down the contacts you want to delete. Afterward, hold the selected contacts and press the option "Delete X Contacts" to delete the multiple contacts.

5. How to delete multiple emails in Gmail app on iPhone?

To delete multiple emails in the Gmail app on your iPhone, you can follow these concise instructions:

  • First of all, open the Gmail app on your iDevice. Then, select multiple emails by tapping and holding their profile pics or initials of the emails.
  • Now, tap the "Trash" icon at the top right corner of your phone's screen. Finally, confirm by tapping the "Delete" option to remove them.

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