iCloud Backup Stuck on Estimating Time Remaining (6 Fixes)

Have you recently faced issues while uploading data as a backup to iCloud? Did the iCloud backup display errors like 'iCloud backup stuck at 0?' If so, this article brings top-notch solutions and a backup solution to fix your iCloud backup problems.

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Updated on Mar 13, 2024

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iOS users consistently use iCloud backup for various purposes. Sometimes, the iCloud backup does not automatically start and requires the users to get a head start. However, we've seen various reports complaining that the "iCloud backup stuck on estimating time remaining" during the process, such as:

  • iCloud Backup stuck at 0
  • iCloud Backup stuck at 1 hour
  • iCloud Backup stuck at 1 minute
  • iCloud Backup stuck at 2 hours

For this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the iCloud Backup in progress stuck issue and multiple solutions when your iCloud Backup is stuck.

6 Easy Ways to Fix iCloud Backup Stuck on Estimating Time Remaining

After learning the reasons for this iCloud storage problem, some essential fixes can help you resolve the "iCloud backup stuck at 1 minute" issue. Look through these options to discover the solution that serves best:

6 Fixes Effectiveness
1. Reboot the iPhone Easy (view details)
2. Check & Update the iOS Firmware Easy (view details)
3. Toggle On Automatic Date and Time Sync Easy (view details)
4. Delete the iCloud Backup Moderate (view details)
5. Increase the iCloud Storage Moderate (view details)
6. Reset the Network Settings Moderate (view details)

Fix 1. Reboot the iPhone

This is one of the easiest ways to fix the "iCloud backup stuck on estimating time remaining" because it will remove all software bugs hindering the iCloud services from your iPhone. Following are the simple steps to reboot the iPhone:

Instructions. Use the Power button or Power + Volume Down buttons combination to bring the "Slide to power off" slider to your screen. Then, slide it to the right side to switch off your iDevice and use the "Power" again to turn it on.

reboot your iphone

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Fix 2. Check & Update the iOS Firmware

An outdated iOS version can cause the iCloud backup to get stuck in progress. It happens because your iOS is no longer compatible with your iCloud backup file or the bugs are stopping you from completing the backup process. Get through these steps to update the iOS version:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iDevice and proceed into the "General" settings. Then, go into the "Software Update" to let the iPhone look for the latest iOS version from the Apple servers.

Step 2. Once the latest iOS version appears on the screen, you can check out its details, like size and updates coming with it. To proceed with the iOS update, press the "Update Now" button and get it installed on your iPhone.

update ios

Fix 3. Toggle On Automatic Date and Time Sync

Sometimes, due to system issues, the date and time of your iPhone can get out of sync and cause problems with your iCloud backup process, like iCloud backup being stuck at 0. To enable the automatic date and time sync feature to avoid this iCloud backup issue, follow the below steps:

Instructions. Open the "General" settings from the Settings app of your iPhone and access the "Date & Time" option. Next, toggle the "Set Automatically" feature and check if the iCloud backup problem is resolved.

enable the set automatically option

Fix 4. Delete the iCloud Backup

Deleting the iCloud backup is essential if your new backup is stuck in progress because, in some cases, the incremental backup feature of your iCloud may be causing this problem. You can follow these simple instructions to delete the iCloud backup:

Step 1. Access your Apple ID settings by tapping your "Profile Name" from the Settings app. Next, you have to press the "iCloud" option and proceed to the "iCloud Backup" settings in the "Device Backups" section.

Step 2. Choose your old iCloud backup under the "All Device Backups" section and tap the "Turn Off and Delete from iCloud" button.

oud.jpg Image alt:

Fix 5. Increase the iCloud Storage

iCloud backup stuck at 2 hours can also happen if you don't have enough storage left in your iCloud account. Go through the following steps to check and increase the iCloud storage:

Step 1. Proceed to the "iCloud" settings from the Apple ID settings in your iPhone's "Settings" app. Afterward, check the storage status from the "iCloud+" section at the top.

Step 2. If the storage is low, tap the "Manage Account Storage" option and choose "Change Storage Plan." Next, select the plan you want to upgrade and complete the payment process.

change icloud storage plan

Fix 6. Reset the Network Settings

iCloud backup stuck at estimating time remaining can also occur if your iPhone is facing some issues in the network settings. These settings are crucial as your Wi-Fi and Cellular data performance depends on it. To reset the network settings of your iPhone, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iDevice and choose the "Transfer or Reset iPhone" option from the "General" settings.

Step 2. Following this, tap the "Reset" option and choose "Reset Network Settings" from the Reset menu. Confirm the process by providing your iPhone passcode and tap on "Reset All Settings."

reset the network settings

Why Is My iCloud Backup Stuck on Estimating Time Remaining

iCloud Backup is stuck

Before discussing the potential solutions for such iCloud issues, it is essential to understand the reasons for this issue. For that, look ahead for a clear understanding of why you have to face the "iCloud backup stuck on estimating time remaining" problem. If you also get the iPhone Restore in Progress Stuck issue, click here for details.

  • Large iCloud Backup Size: One potential reason for this issue with such iCloud problems is the large sizes of backup files. If such is the case, the best solution is to have a good internet connection that can cater to such high data transfer demands.
  • iCloud Storage Ended: Another scenario that might be causing this issue is the coverage of the entire iCloud storage. This issue can potentially arise if you are left with no space for iCloud storage. (Refer to: Fix Not Enough Space to Backup iPhone)
  • Unstable Internet Connection: You might have an internet connection that is not fast enough to upload iCloud data properly. An unstable or faulty internet connection can also lead to "iCloud backup stuck at 1 hour."
  • Temporary Glitches in System: A temporary glitch in your iOS device or the iCloud system can cause such issues. Checking the status of iCloud servers and making significant changes in your iOS devices can help discover a solution to the problem.

The Quickest Way to Backup iPhone to Computer Without iCloud

While you've learned multiple ways to resolve the problem of "iCloud backup stuck on estimating time remaining," you can figure out some essential alternatives to save backups of your iOS device. EaseUS MobiMover is a free iPhone transfer software that can help transfer data or perform device backups.

With dedicated support for major data types, you can backup and restore 10 file types through EaseUS MobiMover. Furthermore, you can selectively export the data at any instant and view the content with its potential backup service. EaseUS MobiMover makes it easy for users to back up and manage data on their iOS devices. To make things better, you can find this service supporting all the latest iOS versions, enhancing user accessibility.


This article has gone through the viable solutions to the "iCloud backup stuck at 2 hours" problem. After learning the essential reasons for this problem, you've gone through the right solutions that can direct towards the right results. Furthermore, you've also found a good backup option in the form of EaseUS MobiMover that backs up the iPhone to your computer with ease.

FAQs on iCloud Backup Stuck

If you still have some concerns left about the iCloud stuck backup problems, we've answered some important questions below:

1. Why is my iCloud backup not estimating the time remaining?

If your iCloud backup does not estimate the remaining time for the process, you may be facing internet connectivity issues. An unstable internet can stop your device from operating properly and lead to such issues.

2. What to do if iCloud backup is taking too long?

Users facing the problem of "iCloud backup is stuck" might be stuck in some device issues. It includes temporary glitches in the iOS device and the issue of low iCloud storage. Click here to learn how to speed up iPhone Backup.

3. Is it normal for iCloud backup to take 12 hours?

Yes, it can be normal for iCloud backup to take 12 hours if it is large. It might take some time to complete if your backup files are large and the internet connection is mediocre.

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