How to Backup iPhone to OneDrive [Step by Step]

In this tutorial, you will learn how to backup iPhone to OneDrive from scratch. In addition to that, we will also introduce additional ways to help you back up your iPhone data. If you're interested, keep reading.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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Backing up your iPhone to a cloud storage service is quite a smart choice. There are various cloud services in the market, including Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. If you have a Mac, it's a good option to back up your iPhone to iCloud. But if you want to check your iPhone data on your Windows PC, it is advisable to back up your iPhone to OneDrive. In this article, we will talk about how to perform iPhone backup to OneDrive step by step.

Part 1. How to Backup iPhone to OneDrive in Detail

Microsoft OneDrive is a file-hosting service developed by Microsoft in 2007. As a popular cloud-based service, OneDrive enables users to back up and sync their files. If the OneDrive can't sync on your Windows PC, you can refer to: "OneDrive Not Syncing on Windows 11" for more information. Technically, OneDrive backup and syncing are not the same thing. Click here to see the differences between OneDrive backup and syncing.

Notify that OneDrive offers free storage of 5 GB with 100 GB, 1 TB, and 6 TB storage paid options.  And if you delete some content stored in OneDrive accidentally to save some space, you can even recover files deleted over 90 days ago from OneDrive with a data recovery tool.

Once you get to know the basic information about Microsoft OneDrive, let's get started to learn how to back up iPhone to OneDrive step by step:

Step 1. Download OneDrive from Apple Store on your iPhone.

Step 2. Sign in.

Step 3. Tap the Plus button "+" to add new files.

Step 4. From the drop-down list, tap Upload.

Step 5. Select files that you want to back up to OneDrive. (Most users tend to select some pictures to backup iPhone photos to OneDrive.)

Step 6. Tap Done to finish the iPhone backup to OneDrive.

back up iPhone to OneDrive

It's also available to back up your laptop data to OneDrive if you want. Click below to learn more information:

backup laptop to OneDrive

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Part 2. What Makes OneDrive a Popular Cloud Backup Service


As you can see, using Microsoft OneDrive to back up data is quite simple and effective. Most importantly, it is widely used in all devices, including mobile and desktop devices. If you have a Windows computer running Windows 8.1 and later, you can find it in the Files app. And you can save a Microsoft Office file to OneDrive seamlessly because it is integrated into the Microsoft Office apps.


  • Microsoft has released OneDrive applications for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Mac, and Xbox.
  • It is integrated into Windows 8.1 and later and Microsoft Office apps. Users don't need to download the client apps.
  • It is able to upload images or file folders. Entire folders can be downloaded as a .zip file with OneDrive.
  • With the Personal Vault feature, OneDrive enables users the security area to store crucial files.


  • Microsoft only offers 5 GB of free storage space. Three paid storage options (100 GB, 1 TB, and 6 TB) are available.

You may want to integrate your backup files from Google Drive to OneDrive when you realize the benefits of OneDrive. If you are interested, you can refer to the following post to learn how:

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Download the files from Google Drive to your local hard drive and upload them to OneDrive. Use Google Takeout and Share feature to transfer files from google drive to OneDrive.

transfer files from google drive to OneDrive

Part 3. Best Alternative to OneDrive to Back up iPhone Data

In this section, we will introduce a third-party iPhone data backup tool - EaseUS MobiMover Pro. This iPhone data backup tool doesn't store files itself. It is able to back up data from iPhone to computer. You can select to back up this whole iPhone device with one click, or only transfer essential data among Apple devices.

EaseUS offers a free version with two paid options. You're welcome to download the trial version below:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC and trust the computer. Launch EaseUS MobiMover and go to "Backup Manager" > "Back up".

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 1

Step 2. Since all the supported files are selected by default, click "One-Click Backup" directly to start backing up your iPhone to computer.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 2

Step 3. Wait patiently until the backup process completes. When you need to restore the backup, go to "Backup Manager" > "Restore" and follow the onscreen instructions to continue.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 3

In this way, you can back up all your iPhone data or specific content from iPhone to a Windows PC or a Mac through this software in a few minutes.


In this post, we have described how to back up iPhone to OneDrive step by step. Note that OneDrive only offers 5 GB of storage space free of charge. Therefore, it is not recommended to use OneDrive to back up large files. Instead, EaseUS MobiMover is considered to be the best alternative to OneDrive for iPhone data backup.

FAQs on How to Backup iPhone to OneDrive

When it comes to how to back up iPhone to OneDrive, you may come across some problems. Don't panic. If you have any questions about today's topic, check the commonly asked questions below.

1. How to back up photos from iPhone to OneDrive automatically?

Here's how to backup iPhone photos to OneDrive, just follow the steps below:

  • Download and install OneDrive from Apple store and sign in on your iPhone.
  • Open OneDrive and tap your profile image.
  • Select Settings > Camera Upload. Enable Camera Upload to automatically upload photos and videos on this device to OneDrive.

2. Does OneDrive use a lot of memory?

Even when it is not in use, the OneDrive application uses 1.4 to 1.6 GB of RAM on your computer.

3. How much OneDrive storage is free?

5 GB. OneDrive also offers paid options of 100 GB, 1 TB, and 6 TB.

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