5 Best Cloud Storage for iPhone☁️[2024 Complete Solutions]

This article introduces the best 5 Cloud storage services for iPhone, including iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and pCloud.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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If you are looking for the best cloud storage for iPhone, you've landed on the right page. This article narrows down your options to a handful that perfectly fits our criteria for the best cloud storage solution tailored for iPhone users to backup iPhone. iCloud is the official cloud-based service for iPhone users, but there are a lot of options to back up iPhone without iCloud when your iPhone is full of storage or your iCloud storage is full.

Top 5 cloud storage☁️for iPhone services:

  1. 1️⃣ Apple iCloud - The best overall cloud storage for iPhone [check details]
  2. 2️⃣ Google Drive - The best free cloud storage for iOS [check details]
  3. 3️⃣ Microsoft OneDrive - The best cloud storage for Microsoft Office [check details]
  4. 4️⃣ Dropbox -  The best cloud storage for rich features [check details]
  5. 5️⃣ pCloud - The best cloud storage for iPhone photos [check details]

Let's take a look at all these five cloud-based storage services at a glance:

Comparison 1️⃣iCloud 2️⃣Google Drive 3️⃣OneDrive 4️⃣Dropbox 5️⃣pCloud
Free 5 GB 15 GB 5 GB 2 GB 10 GB

50GB ($0.99/mo)
200GB ($2.99/mo)
6TB ($29.99/mo)
12TB ($59.99/mo)

100GB ($1.99/mo)
200GB ($2.99/mo)
2TB ($9.99/mo)

100GB ($1.99/mo)
1TB ($6.99/mo)
6TB ($9.99/mo)

2TB ($11.99/mo)
3TB ($22/mo)

500GB ( $49.99/yr)
2TB ($99.99/yr)

Platform iOS built-in feature, and Mac iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac 10.13+ iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
Highlight Integration with Apple services and devices Integration with Google services Integration with Microsoft Office suite A huge library of features Back up iPhone photos and videos

Best Cloud Storage for iPhone Options

Our reviews cover each cloud storage option's pros, cons, features, and pricing, aiming to empower you to make an informed and quick decision.

1️⃣ Apple iCloud

iCloud is Apple's official cloud-based service that allows users to store and synchronize data across multiple iOS devices and Macs. Especially when you switch to a new iPhone, you can also transfer data to a new iPhone with iCloud easily. It provides seamless access to files, photos, videos, contacts, and more and can be easily accessed with Apple ID credentials.


Key features:

  • Seamless synchronization of data across Apple devices
  • Backup iPhone to iCloud and restore to iPhone or iPad.
  • Include the "Find My" feature to locate lost or stolen Apple devices
  • Allow the "Optimize iPhone Storage" option to save local device storage
  • Support collaboration with iCloud Drive


  • Built-in feature on iPhone
  • Deeply integrated with Apple devices
  • Automatic iPhone backups


  • Less compatible with non-Apple devices or services
  • Limited supported file types

Free and paid plans: Apple iCloud offers 5GB of free storage and all Apple devices associated with the same Apple ID share the free storage. You can upgrade to iCloud+ to get an additional 50GB ($0.99/month), 200GB ($2.99/month), 2TB ($9.99/month), 6TB ($29.99/month), and 12TB ($59.99/month).

2️⃣ Google Drive

Google Drive stands out as a widely embraced cloud storage service catering to diverse users. You can back up your iPhone to Google Drive. Specifically, it serves as a convenient platform for backing up, synchronizing, organizing, and sharing files and anyone with a Google account can access this service.

Google Drive icon

Key features:

  • Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time
  • Offline access to selected files
  • Integrates with a variety of third-party apps and services
  • Use Google Photos to sync the iPhone's photo library


  • Generously offer the largest free storage - 15GB
  • Integrated with other Google services, such as Gmail and Google Docs
  • Automatically tracks changes made to your data


  • Concerns about data privacy due to Google's targeted advertising
  • Limited storage capacity for individual accounts

Free and paid plans: Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage for each email address. You can subscribe to Google One for extra storage space - 100GB ($1.99/month), 200GB ($2.99/month), and 2TB ($9.99/month).

3️⃣ Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft for users who want access to documents or media files from the web. It is the best cloud storage choice for Windows users but it also provides a specialized client app for iPhone. When you switch to a new iPhone, you can backup iPhone to OneDrive.


Key features:

  • Enable real-time collaboration within Microsoft 365 applications
  • Collaborate with various third-party applications
  • Back up and restore Windows settings
  • Automatic photo and video backup from iPhone and other mobile devices


  • Deep integration with Windows and Microsoft 365
  • Maintain a version history of files
  • Mark files for offline access


  • Has a file size limit of 15GB
  • Best experienced within the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Occasional syncing issues

Free and paid plans: Microsoft OneDrive offers a free plan with 5GB of free space. You can add more storage by purchasing a Microsoft 365 plan - Basic ($1.99/month for 100GB), Personal ($6.99/month for 1TB), and Family ($9.99/month for 6TB).

Furthermore, see iCloud vs Google Drive vs OneDrive for more information if you want to learn all the differences among these three popular cloud services.

4️⃣ Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the earliest cloud storage and file-sharing services in the game. It offers fast, reliable synchronization of files and sharing with others. The company is transforming it into an asset management software by adding a whole lot of new features.


Key features:

  • Flexible and various sharing and collaboration features
  • Support multiple users working on the same file simultaneously
  • Allow specific folders to sync 
  • Additional features such as e-signature, data backup, and PDF editing


  • Enable users to revert to previous versions of a file
  • Feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Integrations with Slack, Asana, Zoom, and other online services


  • Very limited free storage
  • Expensive monthly cost
  • No built-in Office suite

Free and paid plans: Dropbox offers both free and premium subscription plans with varying storage capacities. The Dropbox Basic is a free version that offers 2GB of storage space. You can purchase more storage for 11.99/month for 2TB as a Dropbox Plus subscriber or for $22/month for 3TB as a Dropbox Essentials subscriber.

5️⃣ pCloud

pCloud is a secure and simple cloud storage service that allows you to effortlessly save, share, and collaborate on files across different devices in the cloud.


Key features:

  • Rich file management and sharing options
  • Backup all photos and videos from iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Support file versioning 


  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • Secure data encryption technologies
  • Affordable cloud storage for individuals


  • Does not include a built-in office suite
  • Yearly or lifetime premium subscriptions

Free and paid plans: A free user gets 10GB of free storage space. pCloud offers different premium plans for individuals, families, and businesses. For individual plans, an additional 500GB of storage costs $49.99/year and 2TB costs $99.99/year.

How We Tested for the Best Cloud Storage for iPhone

cloud services

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the leading cloud storage options available in the market. To assess their features, usability, and performance, we registered accounts with the ten most popular cloud storage services. Then, we've distilled our findings to showcase the top 5 cloud storage services for iPhone, carefully selected based on these essential factors:

  • Integration with iOS. The best cloud storage for iPhone should offer dedicated apps optimized for iPhone use and integrate seamlessly with the iOS ecosystem.
  • File syncing capability. The best cloud storage for iPhone should offer automatic file syncing across an iPhone and other devices.
  • Storage capacity. The best cloud storage for iPhone should offer adequate storage space for users' current files and allow for potential future growth.
  • Collaboration and management features. The best cloud storage for iPhone should provide custom collaborative features and file management capabilities.
  • Data security. The best cloud storage for iPhone should implement robust security measures like data encryption to safeguard user files from unauthorized access and from the company itself.
  • Cost and pricing plans. The best cloud storage for iPhone should consider the affordability of its users. The ideal choice stands out by offering free storage space to meet basic needs for cloud storage.

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Considering how much you use your iPhone every day, it's no surprise that the internal storage is running out fast. That's where supplemental cloud storage steps in, not just to expand your storage capacity but to provide easy access to your online files. 

This article includes the 5 best cloud storage for iPhone options for you. If you are using other Apple products in addition to the iPhone, iCloud should be your optimal choice as it deeply integrates with the Apple ecosystem.

Consider using EaseUS MobiMover if you prefer a one-time solution to back up and transfer your iPhone data.

FAQs about the Best Cloud Storage for iPhone

This FAQs section provides more information on cloud storage for iOS.

1. What is an alternative to iCloud storage for iPhone?

There are many cloud storage services that can be alternatives to iCloud, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, pCloud, and Amazon Drive.

2. What is the best cloud storage for iPhone?

Each cloud storage service for iPhone has its own set of features, advantages, and disadvantages. The best cloud storage for iPhone depends on the individual user's specific needs. iCloud is considered to be the overall best cloud service for iPhone.

3. Would increasing my iCloud storage also increase my iPhone storage?

Unfortunately, no. Increasing your iCloud storage will enable to you store more photos, videos, files, and other data in the cloud, but it won't increase the physical storage capacity of your iPhone.


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