From this guide, you will learn how to access iCloud on iPad and three different ways for you to download photos from iCloud to iPad. You can also apply the tips to upload photos to iCloud from iPad.

How to Access iCloud on iPad

iCloud stores your files in cloud storage and keeps them updated on all of your devices that use the same Apple ID. It is built into every Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. Thus, you can access iCloud directly on your Apple device or from

That's why when you want to download photos from iCloud to iPad, you can do it on your device directly.

How to Download Photos from iCloud to iPad

Depending on your need, downloading all photos from iCloud at once or downloading specific items, you will need different ways to get things done.

Method 1. Download iCloud Photos to iPad via Settings

If you need to get iCloud photos on iPad all at once, turn on iCloud Photos (or iCloud Photo Library in earlier versions) on your iPad and select to download the original photos and videos to your iPad. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > [your name].

Step 2. Tap "iCloud" and choose "Photos".

Step 3. Toggle on "iCloud Photos" and select "Download and Keep Originals".

How to download photos from iCloud to iPad via Settings

Easy? With a few simple clicks, you can transfer iCloud photos to your iPad. Whenever you need to transfer data from iCloud to iPhone or iPad, you can follow the steps above.

Method 2. Move Photos from iCloud to iPad via

While if you prefer to download photos from iCloud to iPad selectively, go to instead. Via, you can access your iCloud Photo Library and then you can upload photos from your iPad to iCloud or download photos from iCloud to your iPad. 

Step 1. Visit from your iPad and sign in.

Step 2. Choose "Photos" among the options and tap "Select" to choose the photos and videos you want to save to your iPad.

Step 3. After the selection, tap the "More" button.

Step 4. Tap "Download" and click "Download" again to start downloading iCloud photos to your iPad.

How to move photos from iCloud to iPad via

Method 3. Download Pictures from Shared Albums to iPad

The photos in Shared Albums are also stored in iCloud. If you need to save photos from Shared Albums to your device, go to the Photos app instead.

Step 1. Open the "Photos" app and tap the "Albums" tab.

Step 2. Go to the "Shared Albums" section and tap the album that contains the photos you want to get.

Step 3. Tap the item you'd like to download and tap the "Share" icon.

Step 4. Choose "Save Image" to start downloading photos from iCloud to your iPad.

How to download photos from Shared Albums to iPad

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer Photos to iPad Directly Without iCloud

In most cases, you use iCloud Photos to share photos between your devices. Actually, you can transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, books, and more between an iPhone/iPad/iPod and a computer or between two iDevices directly with the help of iPhone transfer software - EaseUS MobiMover. It helps to:

  • Access and view iDevice content from a computer
  • Transfer files between an iPhone/iPad/iPad and a PC/Mac
  • Share data from one iPhone/iPad/iPod to another

Besides, it also works well as a video downloader that enables you to download online videos to your computer or iOS devices using URL.

Let me show you how to transfer photos from PC to iPad:

Step 1. Connect your iPad to your PC and click "Trust" in the pop-up on your iPhone. Launch EaseUS MobiMover and choose "PC to Phone". 

How to transfer photos from PC to iPad - Step 1

Step 2. Click the "Select Files" button on the above picture. Go to your computer to select and open the folders or files from which you want to copy images. 

How to transfer photos from PC to iPad - Step 2

Step 3. MobiMover will display the files you've chosen. If you need to add more photos, you can make it by drag-and-drop or via clicking "Add Contents". If the folders/files you've chosen include other file types, you can transfer them from PC to your iPad together with photos. 

How to transfer photos from PC to iPad - Step 3

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to copy the entire library or move specific items to your iPad, you now know how to do it. If iCloud photos are not syncing on your device,learn how to fix it or apply iPhone transfer software to transfer photos from the source device to your iPad directly.

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