What is Apps & Data Screen and How to Get It

App and Data screen is really common at restoring iPhone and change iPhone owner. How to get App and Data screen on your iPhone? This guide will show you the easiest way

Myra updated on Jul 25, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

If you are finding solutions to restore an iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS devices, you may find out that, many solutions are related with Apps and Data screen. In fact, this screen is important for iPhone users. You can not only just restore iPhone at apps and data screen, but also transfer change the iPhone owner.

How to get Apps and Data screen on a new iPhone

When you get a new iPhone, the first thing you need to do is to set up this iPhone. Apps and Data screen will be there at the step 4. you can choose to restore iPhone at this screen with iCloud or iTunes.

Step 1. Turn on your new iPhone. You need to press the sleep and wake and a few seconds until you see the Hello on your screen.

Step 2. Follow the guide on the screen to choose your country, set up Wi-Fi net work, and your location. You can turn off the location service later.

Step 3. Continue to set up this new iPhone. In the next two screen you will set up the Touch ID and create a passcode.

Step 4. After everything above, you will get the Apps & Data screen.

In the following steps, this article will guide you to restore iPhone at Apps & Data screen with iCloud or iTunes.


For iCloud,

Step 5. You need to backup your iPhone with iCloud first, and select Restore from iCloud.

Step 6. Enter your Apple ID and password. It is necessary to add this device to your Apple account.

Step 7. Finish up.

For iTunes,

Step 5. Backup your old iPhone with iTunes first, now connect this new iPhone to the computer.

Step 6. Click the iPhone icon on the left top and click Restore iPhone at the right side.

Step 7. Enter your iTunes password and Apple ID and password. Then choose the backup file you just made, and wait for finishing the process.


How to get Apps and Data screen on an old iPhone

You may have already using this iPhone. For some reasons, you may want to transfer everything from other iPhone to this iPhone or you want to change iPhone owner. Restore iPhone with Apps and Data screen is the most convenient method.

Step 1. Go to Settings>General>Reset. Then click the button Erase All content and Settings.

Step 2. Enter your passcode and give the authority. Now it will clean your iPhone data and documents completely.

Step 3. You iPhone will restart as a new iPhone, follow the steps at How to get Apps and Data screen on a new iPhone.