How to Find Out What Emojis Mean on iPhone

This blog post covers the detailed steps about how to find out what emojis mean on your iPhone. No matter you are confused by the emoji and thus want to know its meaning or you want to know what does each emoji mean and use it in right occasion, this blog post will come to your help.

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Emojis are a common element in our daily communication through mobile phones because they are interesting, expressive and attractive. But "What does each emoji mean on iPhone", people ask. Many people want to know it generally because they are curious about it or they want to use it in the correct situation. If you have the same question, read on to learn how to find out the meanings of emojis on your iPhone.


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How to find out what emojis mean on iPhone

Part 1: Turn on "Speak Selection" on your iPhone

Step 1: Open "Settings" App on your iPhone and choose "General".

Step 2: Go to choose "Accessibility".

Step 3: In "VISION" section, choose "Speech".

Step 4: Turn on "Speak Selection".

How to find out the meaning of emojis on iPhone - Turn on Speak Selection

Part 2: Find out the meaning of a emoji on your iPhone

Step 1: Launch any App that enables you to add emojis into text. (Here Messages App is set as an example.) When you edit a message, tap on the Globe icon to switch to the emoji keyboard. Tap on the emoji of which you want to know the meaning to add it to the text.

Step 2: Press and hold the emoji until some options appear. Then choose "Select" or "Select All".

Step 3: When more options, including Cut, Copy, Paste and so on, appear, tap on the Right Arrow and choose "Speak". Then the meaning and other elements about the emoji like color and shape will be explained by a voice.

How to find out what emojis mean on iPhone