5 Ways To Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Without Losing Data 2024

Got locked out of your Samsung phone? This article talks about how to bypass Samsung lock screen without losing data. With these methods, you can easily unlock a Samsung phone without a password or PIN.

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Updated on Feb 29, 2024

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Are you locked out of your Samsung phone and forget its PIN, pattern, or password? If you have set up a complicated lock code or frequently change the lock screen passcode, commonly, such a situation can happen.  

When you are unable to access critical information kept on your phone or you are cut off from your job or friends, it is quite unpleasant. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to unlock a Samsung phone without a password, but some of them can remotely wipe your phone or require you to conduct a factory reset. The major topic of this post is how to bypass Samsung lock screen without losing data.

How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen with Smart Lock

Many modern smartphones come with the Smart Lock feature that enables your phone to automatically unlock itself by recognizing different signals. If you have set up the Smart Lock on your Samsung phone, even if you forget the PIN or password you can bypass the locked device easily. 

smart lock

The available Smart Lock features on a Samsung phone include On-body detection, Trusted places, and Trusted devices. You can recall what option you selected to keep your Samsung phone unlocked. For example, if you set up your car's Bluetooth system as a trusted device, you should go into your car to let your Samsung recognize the device and your phone will be unlocked without entering a PIN or password. 

However, if you didn't enable the Smart Lock before you got locked out, follow the next solution. 

How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen via Find My Mobile

Samsung users can use a free service called Find My Mobile after logging into a Samsung account to remotely manage the registered Galaxy mobile devices. This method will allow you to re-create a new PIN or password to bypass the locked Samsung phone without data resetting. 

Steps to use Find My Mobile to bypass Samsung lock screen without losing data:

Step 1. Visit the Find My Mobile website and log in with your Samsung account.

Step 2. Click on Unlock and then click on Unlock on the pop-up.

find my phone

Step 3. Re-enter your Samsung Account login credentials and click Next.

Step 4. Select Lock My Screen from the left pane and create a new PIN to unlock the device.

Step 5. Click on the Lock button at the bottom.

Step 6. Unlock the screen on your Samsung phone with the new PIN. 

You don't have a Samsung account or your Samsung phone is not one of the Galaxy models? Fear not, Google has a similar service to help you unlock Samsung remotely without losing data after you have forgotten the lock screen passcode. 

How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Using Find My Device

Google Find My Device, formerly known as Google Android Device Manager, is a free service that makes it easy for Android users to locate, ring, or wipe a device from the web. As long as your phone has been logged into your Google Account and the Find My Device feature has been activated, you can remove the lock screen on Samsung. 

This method also allows you to re-enter a new PIN or password for your Samsung lock screen to replace the old one, so it won't delete your personal data. 

Steps to bypass lock screen on Samsung without data loss using Find My Device:

Step 1. Open a web browser to visit the Find My Device website.

Step 2. Sign in to your Google account that you used on the locked Samsung phone.

Step 3. Select the detected Samsung phone and click LOCK or SECURE DEVICE.

fin my device

Step 4. Enter a new temporary password and then click Lock or Next.

Your phone should work now after you enter the new password.

Reset Samsung's Screen Lock by Google Account

This method of bypassing PIN/pattern/password lock on a Samsung phone without losing data still uses your Google Account. On some older Samsung models or Android versions (4.4 or below), you will see a feature called Forgotten PIN, Forgotten Password, or Forgotten Pattern. That feature can help you reset Samsung's screen lock using your logged-in Google Account. 

Step 1. Conduct wrong attempts to unlock your Samsung phone 5 times.

Step 2. Click the Forgotten PIN, Forgotten Password, or Forgotten Pattern button.

Step 3. Sign in with your Google account username and password and click Sign In.


Step 4. Enter and confirm a new password.

How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Using EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android 

As aforementioned, you need a valid Samsung or Google account on your modern Samsung phone or enabled features before you are locked out. For the users that fail all attempts above, EaseUS has introduced a universal screen unlocker for Android that can bypass any screen locks without any accounts or features.

EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android - Bypass Samsung screen lock in minutes

  • Unlock Android compatible screen locks - PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, face
  • Remove the Samsung screen lock without data loss
  • An easy do-it-yourself screen unlocker
  • No need for a Samsung account or a Google account
  • Remove the Samsung FRP lock without a password

Steps to bypass Samsung screen lock without losing data with EaseUS MobiUnlock:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock. To unlock Samsung without password, PIN, or pattern lock, choose Remove Screen Lock from the main interface.

Launch Phone Unlocker

Step 2. Choose Samsung among the phone brands. Afterward, follow the unscreen instructions to enter Recovery Mode on your phone to unlock the Samsung phone without password, PIN, or pattern lock.

Choose phone brand

Step 3. As long as you follow the phone locker strictly, you can unlock your Samsung phone without the screen lock.

Unlock complete

After the unlocking process is complete, you can check whether your Samsung phone has been successfully unlocked. 


It is highly advised to set up a screen lock on your Samsung phone to avoid other people accessing your private information. However, once you forget the combination to unlock your phone, your Samsung device is useless.

There are many ways you can remove the screen lock on Samsung, but many of them remove your data too. The methods in this article discuss how to bypass Samsung screen lock without losing data using free and native features for Samsung. If all these features fail, you need to download EaseUS MobiUnlock, a universal screen unlocker tool for Android, to help you out. 

FAQs on Bypassing Samsung Lock Screen without Losing Data

1. Is it possible to bypass Samsung lock screen?

Yes, it is very possible to bypass Samsung lock screen when you don't remember its PIN, pattern, or password. The ways to get into a locked Samsung phone include:

  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy by Samsung's Find My Mobile 
  • Bypass Samsung screen lock with Google's Find My Device
  • Unlock a Samsung phone by factory resetting it
  • Remove the screen lock on Samsung using a Samsung screen unlocker 

2. How do I unlock my Samsung phone if I forgot the password without resetting it? 

You can use Samsung's Find My Mobile service to reset a new password to unlock a Samsung phone without resetting it. Go to findmymobile.samsung.com, log in with the same Samsung account, click the Unlock button, and then follow the onscreen directions to reset a new password for replacing the old forgotten password. 

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