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How to Reset a Nokia Phone That Is Locked [2023 Update]

Gorilla updated on Feb 24, 2023 | Home > Android Unlocking Tips

If you forget your Nokia phone's password or pin code and cannot unlock your phone screen, then Factory Reset is a good and simple choice to try. This operation will erase all the data stored on your phone, on the other hand, it is the most effective and feasible way to unlock your Nokia phone.

Although the Nokia mobile has an Android operating system, it has unique and special operation characteristics and preferences. So today, based on the Android system, we will limit ourselves to how to reset a Nokia phone that is locked.

Part 1. What is Reset

Reset a Nokia phone that is locked

A reset is a restore service of an electronic device to its original system by removing all the information stored on the device. Our phone often stores a lot of data, such as photos, videos, documents, and other types of files, for years. We strongly suggest you back up the data stored on your device before a reset. 

So, why do we need to perform a reset for our phones? A reset is a good option if you don't want your personal information to remain on the device. Another case is mentioned in this article where a reset is used to unlock the phone screen.

Part 2. How to Reset a Nokia Phone That is Locked via Factory Reset

Before hard reset, ensure all your data on your phone has been backed up. Make sure your Nokia phone is plugged into a power source before you perform the reset and remove all of its data. If you want to learn how a factory reset can affect Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows and whether it will delete everything on these devices, see: Does a Factory Reset Delete Everything, then you will be more clear about what is a factory reset and how it works.

It is also recommended that your phone's battery should be at least 60% charged. Now let's take Nokia 1.3 as an example.

Step 1. Power off.

Power off

Step 2. Press the volume down key and the power button simultaneously. Release them until the root menu appears.

Step 3. Press the volume down until it switches to the Recovery mode option, and press the power button to confirm.

Recovery mode

Step 4. When No command notification appears on the screen, press the volume up key and the power button simultaneously.

No command notification

Step 5. This will lead us to the reboot options. Select Wipe data/factory reset >  Factory data reset > Reboot system now.

Factory reset

When you're done, the system will reset to the original settings and automatically start up.

Part 3. How to Reset a Nokia Phone That is Locked with a Third-party Tool

If you think a factory reset is too confusing and complicated and you are not a code lover, then you can try some Android unlock tools. Its essence is unlocking your Nokia phone via reset. The unlocking software is robust and quite easy for most people to operate, and we will give a detailed tutorial for you below.

First, you need to download this tool on your computer. Double-click the unlocker tool on your computer to open it and select the screen unlocker feature. You also need to choose your Android brand to remove the lock screen. Then follow the instructions to reset a Nokia phone that is locked. It will reset your phone, and the screen will be unlocked in a few minutes. Here we recommend EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android.

Now follow the steps below to reset your phone with EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock. To reset an Android phone when it is locked, choose Remove Screen Lock.

Launch Phone Unlocker

Step 2. Select your phone brand. The unlocking procedure varies depending on the brand. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset the locked Android phone.

Choose phone brand

Step 3. Via the unlocking process, you can reset the locked phone without password.

Unlock complete

Part 4. Reset a Nokia Phone from Settings When It's Unlocked

When you are able to type a  password or pin code to unlock the screen, and your phone is in normal operation, you can straightly reset your Nokia phone via the settings of the operating system for other uses. 

For example, if you want to back up them to another device, clear all the data on this phone and restore it to the original settings, you may want to try the factory reset once and for all. As for backup, you can use a USB hard drive, various cloud services, or an SD card to transfer the data on your phone.

When you are done with the backup, here's a simple guide about how to reset a Nokia phone from settings.

Note: The interface of all Nokia models may be a little different, and in this article, let's take Nokia 3310 as an example:

Step 1. From Menu, select Restore factory set.

Step 2. Enter the security code and click OK, and the phone will be reset, and all data will be removed.

If you have any problems or doubts about the Nokia factory reset, you can directly go to the Nokia website for more information.

The Bottom Line

 The operation of resetting a Nokia phone that is locked is so simple and easy to understand. You must make clear the nature and result of the reset and back up all the files and data as much as possible before a hard reset. It's important. We highly recommend you using EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android to reset your phone in a couple of minutes.

In addition, if you want to explore how to perform a factory reset on Android devices, refer to How to Apply Wipe Data/Factory Reset on Android.


If you have doubts about resetting a locked Nokia phone, you can follow the answers below. Let's clear all of them in this section by checking some commonly/frequently asked questions on today's topic.

1. Does factory reset remove security PIN?

The PIN or pattern screen lock will be removed when you perform a factory reset on your smartphone and don't check in with your Google account before.

2. How do I unlock my Nokia phone without a factory reset if I forget the password or PIN?

Except for factory reset, you can also unlock your Nokia phone via a google account or some third-party unlocker tools. If you choose the latter, you also need to download the software to your PC and unlock your phone according to its instructions.

3. How do I turn off the security lock on my Nokia?

Tap the Settings icon and then click Security & location. Press the Screen lock and key in the current phone lock code. Press None.

4. How to remove the screen lock PIN on Android?

  • From Settings, click on Security or Security & location.
  • Click on Lock Screen Password.
  • Click on Screen Lock and enter the correct PIN.
  • Select the None option and confirm to remove the screen lock.



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