6 Free and Quick Samsung FRP Unlock Tools in 2024

This informative guide introduces some easy-to-use and professional Samsung FRP unlock tools for you to bypass Samsung FRP when you forget your Google account. Now, let us review our list of Samsung FRP bypass tools.

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Updated on Feb 29, 2024

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This guide will show you SIX quick Samsung FPR unlock tools to remove your FPR lock without hassle. 

What is FRP?

The FRP, short for Factory Reset Protection, namely, is a protection lock to prevent someone else from performing a factory reset of your device without your Google account credential. Once someone else tries getting into your device, the FRP lock will pop up to ask him to enter the Google account that was recently used on the device. If you know it, you can unlock and access the device. Otherwise, you'll be stuck at the FRP lock. 

However, sometimes, you may forget your Google account or don't know the account information of a second-hand Samsung device. In that situation, you may need a trusted Samsung FRP tool to remove such a barrier from your device. 

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The Best Samsung FRP Unlock Tool You Need - EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android

Suppose you're stuck at the Samsung FRP lock because you forgot your Google account password or bought a second-hand Samsung device without knowing its Google account credentials. In that case, you can use this FRP unlock tool - EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android, to remove the FRP lock with one click. 

With such a tool, you can do things like:

  • Unlock Google FRP without a password
  • Remove various Android locks, including PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint & face lock
  • Remove locks from most Android devices, including LG, Huawei, Motorola, Honor, Google, Sony, HTC, etc.

Besides, there are a lot of advantages to using this tool to bypass the FRP locks on your Samsung devices. Such advantages include no data loss, complete removal of FRP lock, and no register.


How to Use the Samsung FRP Unlock Tool:

You can download this program on your computer and give it a try. Before starting, it's smart to learn the two modes for unlocking Google FRP with EaseUS MobiUnlock.

  • Advanced Mode: Such a mode only works on a few Samsung models. And after unlocking, your device will be upgraded to the latest Android version. 
  • Standard Mode: Unlock most Samsung devices and won't upgrade your device. If the Advanced Mode doesn't support your device, you can use Standard Mode to do the same thing. 

Once you've downloaded the Samsung FRP unlock tool on your computer, then you can follow these steps to bypass the Samsung FRP lock.

Step 1. Launch the FRP unlocker on your computer, and choose "Remove Google Lock (FRP)" from its Home page.  Connect your device to the computer and click "Start to move on. Then, select "Standard Mode." 

Step 2. Click the information and follow the onscreen guide to put your device in Recovery Mode. Once done, click "Next" and select the right device PDA, Country, and Carrier. Next, click "Download."

Step 3. Then, EaseUS MobiUnlock will download a data package and prepare a firmware package for your device. You can follow the onscreen instruction to finish the process.

Step 4. Once finished, the FRP unlock tool will remove the FRP lock from your Samsung phone. 

Other 5 Popular Options for Samsung FRP Lock Removal

LockWiper is not the only option for Samsung lock removal. If you have any problem using LockWiper, the following Samsung FRP removal tools can do you a favor.

1. UnlockJunky 

UnlockJunky is a trustworthy online FRP lock bypasser known by many users. It has helped unlock 50+ devices over the year. The unlock process is quick and nearly hands-off for some people. You only need to install a USB redirector, and then you can do a factory reset. The whole process won't exceed 15 minutes. Moreover, UnlockJunky provides 24/7 live chat and support. You can contact online support for help whenever you face a problem. 

More importantly, it is an online service that doesn't require installing any program on your computer. If you're inclined to such a service, below is the price of each service.

  • FRP/Google Unlock: $25
  • Carrier unlocks: $30
  • Samsung account unlocks: $25


2. Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal Service

Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal Service is another online service that can help you remove the Samsung FRP lock from your device. It is very straightforward to use. You only need to provide device information, like device models and IMEI numbers. Then, the unlocking team will initiate the unlock and send you a unique user ID and password, enabling you to reset your device. After resetting, everything on your device will be removed. The whole process takes roughly 24-72 hours. 

Samsung Reactivation Removal Service

3. Octoplus FRP Tool

Octoplus FRP Tool is another tool that allows you to reset Google FRP from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, and Alcatel phones. It is not a free service, and the price of the device-based software is about $65. Before starting, it's advisable to read the tutorial on its home page carefully, or you will lose in its instruction. We don't recommend this tool because a complicated tutorial always makes it difficult for people to know how it works. Besides, the actual phone models it supports are not as many as claimed, so be careful to choose this service.

Octoplus FRP Tool

4. FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass APK, as its name implies, is an APK tool bypassing Google Factory Reset Protection when you forget your Google account credentials. Unlike other FRP bypass services, such an APK is free and safe. Such an app supports Android Lollipop 5.0, Pie 9.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, 10 Q, Marshmallow 6.0, Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 versions. 

FRP bypass APK

5. Foneazy Unlockit

Foneazy Unlockit is an Android screen unlocker that can help remove FRP without a password. It is quick, simple, and safe to use. Currently, it supports Samsung devices running Android 12/11/10/9/8/7/6. Though it is a simple tool, its ability to unlock the FRP lock is no worse than its competitors.

Foneazy Unlockit

Final Verdict 

With all the recommendations introduced in our list, you now know which tool would work best for you. Of these tools, WipeLocer is one of the easiest. You don't need to be very tech-savvy to use it because it is straightforward. With it installed on your computer, you can remove the FRP or Android screen locks whenever possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung FRP Unlock Tool

The following frequently asked questions are designed to help you learn more about Samsung FRP unlock tools. If you face the same questions, don't hesitate to get out of the problem with the following answers. 

1. Is there a free FRP bypass tool?

YES, there is. Some online unlock tools provide free unlock services for users. But whether you know it or not, free things are never really free. They may take forever to solve your problem but end up failing. Besides, free services usually don't provide any customer service. That means if you have any problem while using such a tool, there is no way to solve it. So, you'd better think carefully before using the free FRP bypass tool. 

2. How to bypass Samsung FRP without a PC?

That's easy! You can use some online services or APKs to get the job done. Some good options have been listed in our guide introduced above. You can select any of them to bypass Samsung FRP without a PC. Or you can also find one on the internet by yourself. 

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