We may encounter a situation where we have to remove an Apple ID from iPhone without a password. It used to be almost impossible. But now we have got you one workable way and two possible ways to address the issue.

Method 1. Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password Using EaseUS MobiUnlock

Usually, you can't sign out of or delete Apple ID without knowing the password. This is basic account security. However, sometimes you forget your Apple ID password and can't reset it for some reason. Or you get a second-hand iPhone with Apple ID signed in. You have to remove the Apple ID from the iPhone. 

The only way to remove Apple ID without password is to use an iPhone unlock software, like EaseUS MobiUnlock. EaseUS MobiUnlock is a reliable Apple ID remover that helps you get rid of the unwanted Apple ID on your iPhone. As an iOS fixer, EaseUS MobiUnlock also solves multiple headache issues with iPhones or iPads. Below is a summary of EaseUS MobiUnlock's features.

  • Remove Apple ID from iPhone/iPad without password
  • Unlock iPhone/iPad screen
  • Turn off Screen Time without passcode
  • Disable iTunes backup encryption
  • View and export passwords saved on iPhone/iPad

When you use EaseUS MobiUnlock to remove Apple ID from your iPhone without a password, your iOS data will be wiped. Thus please back up your iPhone data in advance. Now let's follow the steps below to remove Apple ID from your iPhone.

Reminder: Before you start, make sure that you've enabled Two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. If you've ever set a screen lock for your device, make sure you can remember the passcode becasue we need you to trust this computer on your device. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad. Select "Unlock Apple ID" from the home page of this program.

Remove Apple ID - Step 1

Step 2. Then, our program will start recognizing your device. Once your device is detected, click "Start" to proceed. Following that you'll need to download a firmware. Once the firmware is ready, click "Unlock Now." 

Unlock Apple ID - Step 2

Step 3. A warning screen will pop up to ask you to enter the needed information. Proceed by enterring what it needs and then click the "Unlock" button.

Unlock Apple ID - Step 3

Step 4. Wait for your Apple ID to be removed. Then, you can regain access to your device with a new Apple ID.

Unlock Apple ID - Step 4

Method 2. Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password Using iTunes 

You can use the Restore feature in iTunes to reset your iPhone and remove your Apple ID from iPhone without a password. The precondition to use this method is to ensure "Find My iPhone" is disabled on the iPhone. If "Find My iPhone" is still on, only the first method can help you remove Apple ID from iPhone.

Now let's show you how to remove Apple ID using iTunes.

Step 1. Install the latest iTunes on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable. Trust the PC if you are asked.

Step 2. Hit the "Restore" option in the popup from iTunes. Then iTunes will download the latest Apple software and install it on your iPhone.

Step 3. After the restore process is completed, your iPhone will restart and you will see the "Hello" page. Follow to set up the iPhone until you get the "Activation Lock" page. Tap on "Unlock with Passcode?" and choose "Use Device Passcode" to set up the iPhone with the screen passcode. Now all is done and you have successfully removed Apple ID from the iPhone without a password.

Remove Apple ID with iTunes

Method 3. Remove Apple ID from iPhone by Resetting the Password

If you want to remove Apple ID from an iPhone with a forgotten password, you can reset the Apple ID password and then sign out. However, sometimes you may not be able to reset the Apple ID password if the account is locked, temporarily disabled or you get an error and can't connect to the Apple server. If everything is all right, you can try to reset your Apple ID. Here we introduce one way to reset your Apple ID password. Check below for detailed steps.

Step 1. Visit the site https://appleid.apple.com/. Click "Sign in" and then hit the text link "Forgot Apple ID or password?"

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID here and click the "Continue" button. 

Step 3. Take out your iPhone and tap "Allow" on the popup. Then follow the instruction to enter your iPhone password.

Step 4. Input your new Apple ID password here and confirm it. Click "Next" to finish resetting the password.

After you reset the Apple ID password, you can remove the Apple ID from your iPhone by signing out of Apple ID. Follow the steps below to sign out of Apple ID on your iPhone.

Step 1. Open the "Settings" on your iPhone. Click your Apple ID name at the top of the page.

Step 2. Tap "Sign Out"  and then enter your new Apple ID password. Tap "Turn Off."

Step 3. Select the data you want to keep on your iPhone.  Tap "Sign Out" and confirm it again to log out of your Apple ID.

With the three simple steps, you can remove Apple ID from the iPhone. While, if the "Sign Out" option is greyed out, you can check the blog why I can't sign out of Apple ID to fix it.



These are the 3 methods we want to share with you to remove Apple ID from an iPhone without a password. 

  • Method 1: EaseUS MobiUnlock can remove Apple ID from your iPhone as long as you have the screen password.
  • Method 2: If the option "Find My iPhone" is off on your iPhone, you can use iTunes to remove Apple ID with data loss. However, Method 1 can get this done without data loss as well.
  • Method 3: This is way is preferred when you are able to reset the Apple ID password. You can easily remove Apple ID from your iPhone with the new Apple ID password, without data loss.

Hope you will know which method to choose after reading this article and use your iPhone with another Apple ID. 

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