Why: iPhone Unavailable No Timer

When you see iPhone Unavailable with no timer, you must have entered the wrong passcode ten times in a row.

In such a case, you won't have any chance to enter the correct passcode as you see "iPhone Unavailable try again in 1 minute" or "iPhone Unavailable try again in 15 minutes." Instead, you have to erase the iPhone to bypass the iPhone Unavailable screen. To do so, there are three proven ways:

Fix iPhone Unavailable with No Timer via Erase iPhone

The easiest way to fix "iPhone Unavailable no timer" is to use the Erase iPhone option provided in iOS 15.2 and later. However, this option won't show up on every iPhone Unavailable screen, mainly depending on your iPhone settings. You can only see this button when you:

  • Have turned on Find My iPhone on the locked device.
  • Have connected the iPhone to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Besides, you also need to remember the Apple ID details since you are required to enter the Apple ID password before you erase the unavailable iPhone. If you can use this method, follow the steps below. (If you don't see the Erase option, refer to the guide on how to fix "iPhone Unavailable no Erase option.")

Fix Unavailable iPhone without a timer:

Step 1. Click the Erase iPhone option on the iPhone Unavailable screen.

Step 2. Check the information and tap Erase iPhone again.

Step 3. Enter your Apple ID password to start erasing the iPhone.

Erase iPhone on iPhone Unavailable Screen

If you can use this tip, you can also use the Erase iPhone option in iCloud and the Find My app to erase the unavailable iPhone wirelessly. All these ways are good choices to fix iPhone Unavailable without computer.

Fix iPhone Unavailabe No Timer with EaseUS MobiUnlock

Whether your iPhone shows "iPhone Unavailable, try again in 15 minutes" or "iPhone Unavailable" with no timer, you can bypass the iPhone unavailable screen with the iPhone unlocking software - EaseUS MobiUnlock. 

This tool performs well in unlocking iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without passcode/Touch ID/Face ID and solving problems like iPhone Unavailable, iPhone Security Lockout, iPhone Disabled, and other passcode-related issues. Therefore, when your iPhone shows the iPhone Unavailable message, you can easily use EaseUS MobiUnlock to get into the unavailable iPhone.

To fix iPhone Unavailable with no timer:

Step 1. Connect the unavailable iPhone to your PC or Mac with a USB cable. Lanuch the iPhone Unlocker and choose "Unlock Screen Passcode."

Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock

Step 2. When EaseUS MobiUnlock detects the unavailable iPhone, click "Start" to continue.

connect your device to computer

Step 3. Check your system version and click "Next" to download firmware for the locked iPhone.

Download or select firmware

Step 4. After the downloading completes, click "Unlock Now" and then you will see a warning window. Read it in detail, follow the instruction, and then click "Unlock" to start removing "iPhone Unavailable" on your iOS device.

Unlock the device

Step 5. Wait for the iPhone locking tool to unlock the unavailable iPhone.

Wait for the process to complete

Fix iPhone Unavailable with No Timer via iTunes or Finder

When you don't have Find My iPhone enabled, the other way to fix the iPhone Unavailable issue is to use iTunes or Finder, depending on your computer's operating system. iTunes and Finder will help restore the problematic iPhone to factory settings. And this gives you a chance to remove the lock screen settings without the passcode. On PC and Mac that runs macOS Mojave and earlier, use iTunes to fix the iPhone Unavailable screen. While on Mac running macOS Catalina and later, use Finder instead.

Since both of them works similarly, here I'd like to show you how to bypass iPhone Unavailable using iTunes:

Step 1. Turn off the iPhone when the iPhone is not connected to the computer.

Step 2. Put the iPhone in recovery mode and connect the iPhone to the computer.

Step 3. In iTunes, choose Restore in the prompt.

Step 4. Click Restore iPhone again to confirm.

Step 5. Wait for the restoring process to finish.

Restore iPhoen via Finder

FAQs on iPhone Unavailable No Timer

You may also have questions below when your see "iPhone Unavailable" with no timer:

1. How to fix an unavailable iPhone without a computer?

If you see the Erase iPhone option under the iPhone Unavailable message, you can tap the button to fix iPhone Unavailable without a computer. Besides, using iCloud or the Find My app also works to fix an unavailable iPhone wirelessly, as long as you have turned on the Find My iPhone feature on the locked iPhone.

2. How to fix iPhone Unavailable with no Erase option?

When there is no Erase option on the iPhone Unavailable screen, you can fix the error with the help of a computer. With an iPhone unlocker like EaseUS MobiUnlock, iTunes, or Finder, you can bypass the iPhone Unavailable screen even without the Erase option. Take iTunes as an example:

  • Shut down the iPhone.
  • Put the device in recovery mode.
  • Choose Restore in iTunes to restore the unavailable iPhone to factory settings.

3. How to Fix iPhone Unavailable try again in 15 minutes?

When iPhone shows iPhone Unavailable with a timer, you still have the chance to get into the locked iPhone properly without data loss. When the time is up, you can enter the correct passcode to unlock the iPhone. While if you can't remember the passcode anymore, use the Erase option, iTunes, Finder, or an iPhone unlocker to fix the iPhone Unavailable issue.

The Bottom Line

When iPhone shows iPhone Unavailable, Security Lockout, or iPhone Disabled without a timer, you have to erase the iPhone to unlock the device. After restoring the iPhone to factory settings, you can now set up the iPhone and then use it as usual.

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