iPhone 13 Storage: Is 128 GB Enough❓

Is 128 GB enough for iPhone 13? Yes, 128 GB on the newest iPhone is sufficient for a general user. If you are planning to change your old iPhone but don't know which storage space you should go for, welcome to the right place to answer your question.

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Apple has put some thought into how much storage they should offer in a base model, and they have stopped the 16GB and 32GB options. With the release of the iPhone 13, they again discontinued the 64GB model available in the iPhone 12; thus, the 128GB is the base model. But is 128GB enough for iPhone 13?

Choosing the right storage size for the iPhone 13 is essential because the iPhone is not like Android with expandable storage; you can only select a fixed configuration. If you are planning to buy an iPhone 13 in the near future, let's dig out whether 128GB suits you or not.


Why Should You Go for a 128 GB iPhone 13/13 Pro?

Generally speaking, an iPhone with 128GB storage space is sufficient for general use. And here are a few reasons why you might want to buy a 128GB iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

📖Usage Situation

Whether 128GB is enough for iPhone 13 users depends very well on the user's purpose. If you use your new iPhone for calling, texting, browsing, or taking photos, 128GB should be enough. However, photos will take up space on iPhone even with iCloud, when you download or take multiple media files. But don't worry. We will cover the problem in the next part: What to do if 128 GB fills up. Now, let's see who is the 128GB storage capacity for. It's best for users who:

  • Stream most of your movies and music.
  • Don't plan to shoot a lot of 4K videos.
  • Plan to upload photos to iCloud or save media files on a computer.
  • Come far from using 128GB of storage on your current phone.

📱Storage Capacity

For most people, the 128 GB is just a figure, and they need more clarification on how much it can hold or how many files it can store. Although how much data a 128GB iPhone accommodates varies for each individual, if we only focus on a specific type of data, we can expect the average capacity for 128GB storage:

  • It can hold about 35,000 photos taken by a 12MP camera for compressed files like JPEG or JPG. Click to learn how to convert iPhone photos to JPEG.
  • It can store over 3,000 pictures in uncompressed formats with the highest quality of ProRAW.
  • Average of 10 hours of a raw 1080p video recording or up to 45 hours of 1080p video in Apple's HEVC format.
  • More than 6000 songs with good recording quality.
  • Download and install between 1,000 to 5,000 apps, depending on the size.

Note: Actually, one 128GB iPhone comes with 119.7GB available space, and the remaining 8.3GB is used for system resources and pre-installed apps. This is one of the reasons that many users find 128GB inadequate when it comes to installing games and large files.


Another important factor we have taken into consideration is the price. We need to pick out the optimal iPhone based on the budget. iPhone varies its price in its models and storage. You can look at the following table to find the one that suits you according to your budget.

iPhone Model 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 13 mini $699 $799 $999 Unavailable
iPhone 13 $799 $899 $1099 Unavailable
iPhone 13 Pro $999 $1099 $1299 $1499
iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099 $1199 $1399 $1599

What to Do If 128GB Fills Up - Go for iPhone Data Manager

"I have a new iPhone 13 128 GB to replace the iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB. I have already synced the new phone without a problem. Today, I uploaded a new CD to iTunes and tried to sync it to iPhone 13, but iTunes told me there wasn't enough space. The phone needs an additional 16.67GB despite 31.38GB of free space. I have removed five feature films/movies and 10+ albums from the sync, but iTunes says it still needs more space."

This is a post from the Apple Community stating that the new iPhone is almost complete. Instead of uploading photos to iCloud, as said above, another efficient way to free up your iPhone is to back up your iPhone to an external hard drive or your PC and delete the data from your iPhone.

EaseUS MobiMover is a professional iPhone data transfer tool that can help you with data management, including iPhone backup. MobiMover is a versatile software, more like a toolbox, capable of handling lots of work:

  • Move data and files from one iOS to another within one click.
  • Back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch simply anytime you want.
  • Back up and restore WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone/PC.
  • Manage and delete videos and photos from your iPhone.

Now, let's see how to back up your iPhone to a PC:

Step 1. Connect Devices. Connect your iPhone to a computer via a compatible cable and open MobiMober.

Step 2. Backup Manager. Choose Backup Manager from the left. Under the Backup section, click Back up.

use mobimover to back up iphone to pc

Step 3. Select Categories. Select all the wanted files. Click One-Click Backup to start the data transfer process.

Use mobimover to back up iphone to pc

After you have a backup on your Windows/Mac, you can go to the corresponding app to delete the files from your iPhone and make more iPhone storage. For example, you can go to the Photos app, select all photos and videos, and delete them.

Answered 'Is 128GB Enough for iPhone 13'

To sum up, 128GB is enough for moderate users who:

  • Use iPhone mainly for texts, calls, and browsing, not to shoot many 4K videos;
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but don't store many media files;
  • Plan to stream but store your media on a computer or external hard drive;
  • Don't have much budget to change a mobile device.

Also, there is a great tip for you: whether 128GB is enough or not, you can always have an iPhone data manager - EaseUS MobiMover, which can back up your important data to somewhere else, such as an external hard drive, and share content with friends and family members. When you do not have much local space on your iPhone, it offers help to delete unwanted files and move data from your iPhone.

'Is 128GB Enough for iPhone 13?' FAQs

Learn the following questions and answers to answer the question better: 'Is 128GB enough for iPhone 13?'

1. How many photos can a 128GB iPhone 13 hold?

One iPhone 13 with 128GB can at least store 22600 photos in JPG format at standard resolution and compression; can hold at least 565 minutes of HD video of 1080p at 30 frames per second; can at least hold 226 minutes of UHD video at 30 frames per second.

2. Is the iPhone 13 worth buying in 2023?

The iPhone 13 came out two years ago. If you prefer value performance, a reliable software experience, and camera quality, the iPhone 13 can be a solid choice since it is not that old. Moreover, with the iPhone 15 coming out, the price of the iPhone 13 will get a discount. Therefore, maybe it is a good time to buy an iPhone 13, but the decision depends on your needs.

3. Should I get 128 or 256GB?

At first glance, 256GB may seem like a lot of storage space for a smartphone, but if you want to store media files, create video or image content online, or play resource-intensive games, 256GB gives you more freedom than 128 GB.