How to Unlock OnePlus Phone Without Password

Forgot your OnePlus password, pattern, or PIN? If the fingerprint scanner or Face ID is configured, you can use them to access your OnePlus; otherwise, you need to factory reset your OnePlus phone. Sounds difficult? Don't worry! You can find several solutions in this article for how to unlock OnePlus phone without password.

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Updated on Feb 29, 2024

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Is It Possible to Unlock OnePlus Without Password?

YES! You can unlock your OnePlus phone without a password: use the Forgot PIN/Password option or factory reset your device to unlock your Android OnePlus. Suppose you are looking for simple steps and quick tips. In that case, one recommendation is to apply professional phone unlock software - EaseUS MobiUnlock, which assures you a high success rate and straightforward operation.

Let's have an overview of all feasible solutions:

The Best Way to Unlock OnePlus Phone Without Passcode

Are you longing for a hassle-free method to unlock your OnePlus phone? Try EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android. With it, you can remove screen locks on Android in minutes, including PIN, password, fingerprints, and Face lock. It is super easy to use, requiring no technical knowledge to unlock your OnePlus phone. What MobiUnlock can offer:

  • It fits in all types of scenarios: forgetting Android password, a disabled phone, a cracked phone screen, and buying a second-hand Android without knowing the screen passcode.
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Now, let's dive into how to unlock OnePlus phone without password effortlessly:

Unlock OnePlus Phone Without Passcode or Losing Data

There are two options for you to unlock the OnePlus phone without a passcode or without losing data. One is to answer the security questions linked with your Google account; the other is to log in to your Gmail account.

Option 1. Answer Security Questions

Step 1. When you enter the wrong passcode on your OnePlus phone too many times, you can see the Forgot Pattern or the Forgot PIN/Password option. Select it.

forgot passcode


If you want to unlock your Android devices when you forget the PIN, you can refer to the article: Unlock Android Forgot PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Step 2. Tap Answer Questions. And answer the Google security questions you set to your account.

Step 3. Your Android OnePlus phone will unlock itself when you enter the correct answer.

Step 4. Then, you can create your new PIN, password, and pattern lock.

Option 2. Log in to Gmail

Step 1. After multiple wrong attempts, select Forgot Password.

Step 2. Choose to Enter Google Account details and tap Next.

Step 3. Enter the associated Gmail (Google Account) and its corresponding password.

Step 4. Once you enter the correct Google Account, you can unlock the OnePlus without a password.

enter gmail details

Reset OnePlus Phone to Factory Settings via Recovery Mode

If you want to unlock the OnePlus phone with buttons, you can enter the recovery mode on your Android and unlock your phone without a password. This method will reset your OnePlus to the factory settings. Therefore, if you have something vital and essential, remember to back up your Android.

Step 1. Power off your OnePlus device.

Step 2. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons until the OnePlus logo shows up on your screen. Then, release the power button while holding the other one until you access the recovery mode menu.

Step 3. Next, use the volume buttons to highlight the option Wipe Data/Factory Reset and use the power button to confirm.

Step 4. On the next screen, tap Yes to confirm the factory reset, and wait for the reset process to complete.

Step 5. When it's done, select Reboot System Now and restart the OnePlus phone.

use recovery mode to factory reset android

The steps for hard reset/factory reset vary according to different models. For some models, such as OnePlus 9, the steps to hard reset are as follows:

Step 1. Power off the phone by pressing the volume up and power buttons.

Step 2. Press the volume down and the power button at the same time and release both of them until you see the OnePlus logo.

Step 3. Choose the language, and the recovery menu should be available.

Step 4. Select Wipe Data and Cache and Erase Everything (Music, pics, etc).

erase everything on oneplus

Step 5. Choose This Cannot Be Undone Continue, and the process is to start.

this cannot be undone

Step 6. From the menu, select Reboot. Then, the whole process for hard reset is done.

Erase OnlePlus Device Through Google Find My Device

OnePlus phones use Oxygen OS, which allows them to perform a factory reset using Google Find My Device. However, there are some requirements you have to meet: it should be powered on, connected to the Internet, and have both Location Service and Find My Device features enabled. Now, let's see how to unlock OnePlus phone without password using Google Find My Device:

Step 1. Navigate to the website Google Find My Device. Sign in to your Google Account.

Step 2. The website can locate your device and offers three options: play sound, secure the device, and erase the device. Select Erase Device.

Step 3. Confirm the choice and wait for the process to complete.


Bonus: How to Restore OnePlus Device After Factory Reset

As mentioned above, one way to unlock OnePlus without a password is to factory reset your phone, which will erase all the content on the device. Then, how to restore the data after factory reset OnePlus? You can follow the steps below if you have a backup file.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Backup and Restore > Restore.

Step 2. Enter the Google ID and the password.

Step 3. Select the latest backup and tap Restore.

Step 4. You will get a Restore Completed notification when it finishes.

Unlock OnePlus Phone Without Password Using Above Methods Now

You've learned how to unlock OnePlus phone without password in four ways, each with its pros and cons. You can depend on your own situation to choose the suitable one. The most secure way in this article is to unlock your OnePlus via security questions since you won't lose anything on your Android, while the easiest way is to apply EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android, which only needs three steps to unlock your OnePlus without any password, PIN, pattern, or Google account.

You can also factory reset your device through recovery mode or Find My Device. Although using Find My Device is much more straightforward, it has more restrictions. Make your decision and choose one method to unlock your OnePlus now!

FAQs About How to Unlock OnePlus Phone Without Password

1. What is the default PIN for OnePlus?

According to the post from the OnePlus community, there is no default PIN. When you factory reset your OnePlus, you need to set your phone as brand new, which means you can reset the PIN.

2. Can I bypass the Android lock screen using an emergency call?

Fortunately, most Android and iOS devices have an emergency call unlock trick to bypass the lock screen when needed. By accessing the emergency dialer and canceling the call, you can get right past the password prompt and regain access to your phone.

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