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How to Remove Screen Lock on Android [100% Working Guide]

Gloria updated on Jul 20, 2023 | Home > Android Unlocking Tips

In terms of strong protection of private data and information stored on your Android phone, it mostly benefits from the Android lock screen, including a password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or face lock. You are expected to back up Android to PC to prevent data inaccessibility caused by forgotten password. If you forget the password, how do you remove screen lock on Android? So in this article, we will share with you some ways to help you learn how to remove screen lock on Android. Here we go.

Part 1. How to Remove Screen Lock on Android - the Best Way

First, we will recommend the best way to remove screen lock on Android. That is a third-party Android unlocking software, available for 99% of Android phones, such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, and other brands. This efficient Android unlocking tool is called EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android.

Why we recommend it here as the best way to unlock Android phone?

Because it is a general solution for nearly all Android phones. In addition, no technical skills is required with this application. For most Android devices, it will bypass the lock screen and erase everything on the device. For some relatively old Samsung phones, it is able to unlock Samsung phone without losing data. What's more, it is able to remove Samsung FRP lock if you forget the credentials of the Google lock after an external factory reset.

As a versatile 3-in-1 unlock tool, it's definitely worth a try.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android. To unlock phone without password, PIN, or Pattern Lock, choose Remove Screen Lock.

Launch Phone Unlocker

Step 2. EaseUS MobiUnlock supports a wide range of Android phone. Choose your phone brand from the interface. Since the unlocking procedure varies according to the brand, just follow the onscreen instructions to unlock the Android phone.

Choose phone brand

Step 3. After following the step-by-step guide, you can unlock Android phone without password, PIN, or patter lock successfully.

Unlock complete

Part 2. How to Remove Screen Lock on Android with a Factory Reset

Apart from EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android, here's an alternative - a factory reset. Compared to that third-party tool, an external factory reset would be more complicated and the success rate is much lower. A factory reset would wipe all the data that is previously on your Android phone. The essence of a factory reset is to apply Wipe Data/Factory Reset on Android. The whole reset process is implemented via some hardware buttons.

Let's see how to remove screen lock on Android via a factory reset:

Step 1. Power off.

Step 2. Press the Volume Down and the Power buttons to enter the Recovery Mode.

Step 3. Select Wipe data/factory reset.

Step 4. Select Factory data reset

Step 5. Select Reboot system now.

unlock a phone via a factory reset

Note: To select options, use the Volume Down button (represents "Down" key) and the Power button (represents "OK" key).

Part 3. How to Remove Screen Lock on Android via Find My Device

In this section, we will introduce a reliable way to unlock Android phone without password. That is Find My Device. Developed by Google, it is designed to find the lost Android device if you lose it somewhere. But here we will make use of this feature to lock it by setting a new password remotely.

To use this service, the Location service and the Find My Device feature is required to be enabled on your Android phone. If not, the Find My Device service is not available for you. If you're not sure whether these two features are turned on or not, you can try the steps below to see if your Android device appear on the screen when you go to the Find My Device website.

Here's how to remove screen lock on Android with Find My Device:

Step 1. Go to the Find My Device website.

Step 2. Sign in with your Google account.

Step 3. Choose your Android phone in the list of devices related to this Google account.

Step 4. Then select SECURE DEVICE to set a new password for your Android device.

Step 5. When you're done, use this password to unlock the device.

unlock phone without password using Find My Device

Part 4. How to Remove Screen Lock on Android Through ADB Command

Here we will explain a less common way to help you remove screen lock on Android phone. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a kind of command line. In the following, we will use this command line to delete the files and configurations of the lock screen by entering some codes. Before proceeding with this method, make sure you've enabled the USB debugging on your phone.

Here's how to remove lock screen on Androif through ADB command:

Step 1. Connect your phone with a PC via a USB cable.

Step 2. Then press Win+R to enter "cmd" in the command box.

Step 3. In the end of the code line, input "adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key" and then press "Enter."

Step 4. Now restart your Android phone, and you will get access to it.

unlock your phone via ADB

Bonus: How Do I Disable Screen Lock on Android?

Once you unlock your Android phone, you can disable the setting of lock screen if you don't want to enter the credential before every access to your phone. But notice that everyone can get access to your phone without passcode required. Make sure nothing essential is on your phone before you disable the lock screen.

Here we will take a new Samsung phone as an example:

Step 1. From Settings, select Lock screen.

Step 2. Then select Screen lock type.

Step 3. You will asked for the password of the lock screen.

Step 4. In the next screen, select None to disable any lock screen.

Step 5. Then select Remove data in the pop-up box to clear all biometric security passcode that is used on this device.

Disable screen lock on Android

Note that the detailed steps may be vary from different phone brands and models.


In this article, we have covered four methods to remove screen lock on Android when you forget password. In addition, we also mentioned how to disable screen lock on Android in Settings when you unlock it. If you are desperate to find an effective way to unlock your Android right now, it is highly recommended to try EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android. It boasts the fast Android lock screen removal service.

FAQs on How to Remove Screen Lock on Android

For more information on how to remove screen lock on Android, you are welcome to check the following commonly asked questions.

1. Why Find My Device does not work with my locked Android phone?

There are mainly three reasons for this situation:

  • Your Android phone does not connect to a Google account.
  • You do not enable the Location service for your locked Android device.
  • You do not enable the Find My Device feature on your locked Android phone.

2. How do you enable the Find My Device feature on your phone?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Security.
  • Select the Find My Device option.
  • Turn on the toggle of Find My Device.

3. Is there a universal approach dedicated to unlocking all Android phones?

Actually, there are a lot of universal methods you can use to unlock your Android phones. But most of them have limited conditions for your phones and settings. A factory reset and a third-party unlocking tool (EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android) are able to unlock all Android phones.



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