What Happens If I Unplug iPhone During Restore?

It says restoring my backup file will take 2 hours, and I don't have that much time. If I unplug it, will it delete all my data?

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Myra· Answered on May 04, 2024

If you unplug your iPhone during a restore process, it can lead to several issues and consequences:

Incomplete Restore: The process will stop if you unplug your iPhone during restoration. This can result in data loss, corrupted files, or software errors on your device.

Brick Your iPhone: Unplugging your iPhone can lead to a situation known as "bricking," where your device becomes unusable and may require advanced troubleshooting to fix.

Data Loss: Unplugging your iPhone during a restore process can cause data loss, as the restoration process may not have been completed properly.

If you accidentally unplug your iPhone during a restore, it is important to read the following tips:

  • Do not turn on or use your device immediately.
  • Reconnect your iPhone to your computer and resume the restore process.
  • If you encounter any errors or issues during the restore, follow the instructions provided by iTunes or Finder to troubleshoot and complete the restoration.
  • If your device becomes unresponsive after being unplugged during a restore, contact Apple Support for assistance. They can help you resolve any issues with your iPhone.

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