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How to Fix iPhone 14 Screen Frozen Can't Turn

Myra updated on Feb 10, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

Most likely, your iPhone plays a significant role in your social life. Whether through FaceTime, iMessage, or applications like Instagram or Snapchat, staying in touch is essential. Therefore, it should be evident that a frozen iPhone is a significant issue. So, try these fixes if your iPhone 14 is frozen.

We'll review every possible troubleshooting method you may take to reset your iPhone and continue normal daily activities without a problem. To simplify things, we will begin with the most fundamental solutions you can try and continue to more advanced fixing techniques as the article progresses. Let's begin!

What Causes iPhone 14 to Freeze

There are various reasons why your iPhone won't turn off. The most common cause is a bug in the update. Due to the issues, your iPhones will likely function poorly after updating to the new iOS version. As a result, the device may become frozen due to these issues.

Additionally, a software flaw could prevent the gadget from properly turning off. Other unreliable and untrusted apps may cause issues for the software and freeze the device. Besides these reasons, the power button could have any physical problem.

How to Fix iPhone 14 Screen Frozen Can't Turn

Unfreezing an iPhone is typically a simple process. A hard restart may solve the problem, but it depends on your gadget, as each device has a different resolution. So try the following methods to fix a frozen iPhone, even the newest iPhone 14 model, no matter what model you own.

Solution 1. Force Restart your Device

The screen may be frozen, or a software glitch may be causing your iPhone 14 not to turn on. However, you should restart your iPhone immediately to resolve such problems. Please take note that there is no data loss. As a result, you can test the options without any hesitation.

The procedures for forcing a restart on the iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max remain the same. If you've already done it on the iPhone 13 or 12 devices, go on and force restart your newest iPhone. Check out the methods below if you need assistance:

Step 1. Press and immediately release the volume-up button.

hard reset

Step 2. Press and immediately release the volume-down button.

Step 3. When the Apple logo appears on the screen, press & hold the side button briefly before releasing it.

Solution 2. Turn on Assistive Touch If Your iPhone is Frozen

In many situations, assistive touch is beneficial. You may easily switch your device off, which simplifies utilizing the device.

Step 1. Go to "Settings," "Accessibility," and then "Touch."

assistive touch

Step 2. You can choose Assistive Touch from this menu and tap it to activate it.

Solution 3. Free up Your iPhone 14 Storage Space

The iPhone would freeze or go black if there were no free space available. To make space on your iPhone 14, try these tips:

Remove unused apps: Removing unused apps from your phone might increase storage space. Go to the General tab in the Settings app to do this. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage from this section. To delete an app, tap on it under the Storage section.

Delete unnecessary data and files: It's possible that your phone still has files or data that you don't use anymore. So go to your Settings app and choose the app that saves the data from erasing these.

Use iCloud for data backups: Select iCloud in the Settings app to start using iCloud. You may activate iCloud Backup from this step and pick what data you wish to back up.

Delete browser history: Your browser saves data from the websites you visit, so they load more quickly the next time you visit. To delete it, open the Settings app, choose Safari, and then choose Clear History and Website Data.

Solution 4. Use Recovery Mode to Fix iPhone Frozen

Now we'll turn to iTunes for assistance repairing the Apple iPhone 14 that won't switch after the upgrade. Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 operating system may suffer a severe issue, so the phone won't come on. Instead, you can install the latest iOS update in Recovery mode by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1. Utilize the lightning cable to connect the iPhone to a Mac or computer.

Step 2. Open "Finder" or "iTunes" on your computer or Mac. Unlock your iPhone using the passcode to pair it with your device. Your iPhone will appear in the top windows of iTunes, and the Finder's sidebar will display your iPhone.

Step 3. Press and let go of the volume Up button quickly.

Step 4. Quickly press and then release the volume down button afterward.

use recovery mode

Step 5. Now press and hold the Power button until iTunes on your Mac restarts. Say there are two options in the popup when your iPhone is in recovery mode. As soon as you spot the Apple logo, don't release it.

Step 6. On your iTunes screen, click "Update" when you see "Update and Restore."

Solution 5. Backup and Factory Reset Your iPhone

You must factory reset your iPhone if restarting and updating your iOS software didn't work to fix the issue. You should first make a backup of your smartphone since this would erase all your data.

Here is how to perform a factory reset on your iPhone 14:

Step 1. Open the Settings app, then select "General."

Step 2. Tap "Reset" after scrolling down.

Step 3. Click "Erase All Content and Settings."

Step 4. Click "Erase iPhone," entering your passcode if necessary.

Step 5. To confirm, tap "Erase iPhone" once more.

Removing all of your iPhone's data and resetting it to factory defaults will now start. So be patient; this process could take a few minutes.

FAQs on iPhone 14 Screen Frozen Can't Turn

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) below may help you find answers to some of your questions about how to fix the iPhone 14 screen frozen can't turn:

1. How do I unfreeze my iPhone?

You should first restart your iPhone if the screen has become frozen. Then, your iPhone may become workable again when you restart the device.

2. Why can't I swipe up on my iPhone?

iPhone VoiceOver frequently causes swipe-up issues on iPhones. If you turn it on with Control Center open, the time must be selected from the top of your iPhone's screen. To turn on the Control Center, slide it up three fingers below the home screen's bottom.

3. What is the ghost touch problem?

When a portion of your phone's screen is unresponsive to your touch or reacts to presses or inputs, you aren't performing; this is called ghost touch (or touch glitches).

The Conclusion

Try the above solutions if your iPhone 14 is frozen and won't turn off. These all function in various situations. Use a Repair Tool Assistant, though, if you prefer speedy outcomes without any effort. It is a simple iOS repair app that may quickly fix several problems with your smartphone. Your data remain intact, which is the best part.



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