How to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone [Complete Guide 2024]

Are you facing trouble transferring files from Android to iPhone? If yes, there is no need to worry, as this article covers various data transfer methods.

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Sofia Albert

Updated on Feb 29, 2024

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Nowadays, shifting between devices has become an everyday requirement. Nonetheless, the smooth data transfer from Android to iPhone isn't as effortless as desired. This is mainly due to the distinct operating systems and data configurations of these two tech giants. This comprehensive article endeavors to explain the intricate process of file transfer from Android to iPhone or backup Android to iPhone.

Offering users a systematic walkthrough and valuable tips, it sheds light on the optimal techniques and resources accessible. By the conclusion of this piece, readers will possess the expertise and assurance needed to execute a successful procedure to transfer files from Android to iPhone using computer or without computer.

Methods Efficiency Difficulty
1️⃣All-in-one Solution High - EaseUS MobiMover: seamless data transfer between devices. Easy
2️⃣Cloud Services Moderate - 6 Services: including Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Keep. Moderate
3️⃣Mobile Transfer Apps Moderate - 6 Apps: including Move to iOS, SHAREit, Feem, Xender, Send Anywhere, and Zapya. Hard
4️⃣Social Media Apps Moderate - 2 Apps: including WhatsApp and Telegram. Moderate
5️⃣Email Low - Email: file sharing through email. Easy

Method 1. The All-in-one Solution to Transfer Android to iPhone

When attempting to transfer files from Android to iPhone, locating a complete and cost-free solution can often seem as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, the EaseUS MobiMover has emerged as a robust option, providing a seamless and effective method to transfer files from an Android device to an iPhone, all without requiring technical proficiency or significant financial commitments.

✅data transfer from one phone to another

✅back up and restore iOS data to/from PC

✅create backup, restore, and transfer your WhatsApp chats and necessary attachments

✅batch convert HEIC to JPG and video to MP3 format

This EaseUS software stands out as a user-friendly application that simplifies the otherwise intricate process of data migration. Its intuitive interface and robust functionality make it an ideal choice for individuals looking to effortlessly shift valuable data from one device to another. Notably, its remarkable phone transfer function serves as the cornerstone of its capabilities, ensuring a smooth and secure transition of files, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more.

Now, to understand how this tool helps you transfer data without any error or security issue, let's take a look at the detailed steps that are given below:

trasnfer data with EaseUS MobiMover

Method 2. Transfer Files from Android to iPhone with Cloud Services

As we go further into the realm of data transfer between Android and iPhone devices, cloud services emerge as a powerful ally. They offer a convenient and efficient solution to migrate files smoothly. Utilizing the functionalities of these platforms, individuals can smoothly connect their Android and iPhone environments. Listed below are a few cloud services that enable the transfer of files from Android to iPhone.

1️⃣ Dropbox

Supported File Types: Images, Audio, Documents, Text Files, Videos, Presentations, etc. 

Dropbox is a widely used cloud file hosting platform that offers you cloud storage for your personal files. To use this service effectively, the steps below can assist you in this:

  • Open Dropbox on your Android. Tap "Upload" > "Upload Photos or Videos/Upload Folder/Create or Upload File" and select the desired content to upload.
  • Access Dropbox on your iPhone and sign in with the same account. Doing this will give you access to the content you just have uploaded from your Android on your iPhone.


2️⃣ iCloud

Supported File Types: Images, Audio, Documents, Text Files, Videos, Presentations, etc.

For iOS users, the native cloud service is known as iCloud. This service grants them 5GB of free storage space. Thus, to transfer files via iCloud, follow the given step-by-step instructions:

  • Visit on your Android browser and sign in with your Apple ID. Scroll down and tap on "Drive" > "Upload" to upload your required file.
  • Once the files are uploaded successfully, open the "Files" app on your iPhone and choose "iCloud Drive" in it. There, you can find the uploaded files from your Android.


3️⃣ Google Drive

Supported File Types: Images, Audio, Documents, Text Files, Videos, Presentations, etc.

Another method that you can follow to transfer data from Android to iPhone for free is with the help of Google Drive. This service allows you to transfer files using its 15 GB free cloud storage. Thus, follow the given instructions to use this service for data transfer effectively:

  • Launch Google Drive on your Android and tap the "+" icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. After this, tap "Upload" in the extended menu and upload the targeted files.
  • Subsequently, open this app on your iPhone and sign in. This action will enable you to reach files that have been uploaded via Android.

transfer files via Google Drive

4️⃣ Gmail

Supported File Types: Images, Audio, Documents, Text Files, Videos, Presentations, etc. (Maximum File Size: 25MB)

You can use Gmail, a service provided by Google, to quickly transfer data from an Android device to an iPhone. To harness this service for a speedy Android-to-iPhone file transfer, refer to the comprehensive steps outlined below:

  • Launch Gmail on an Android device and tap on the "Compose" icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. In addition, enter the email which is logged in on your iPhone as the recipient.
  • Moving ahead, tap the "Paper Clip" icon on top of the screen and select the desired files. Hit the "Send" button and open the email app on your iPhone. There, access the email that has been sent from Android containing the necessary files.


5️⃣ Google Photos

Supported File Types: Photos and Videos

Google Photos is another Google product that is used by many people to transfer photos and videos to various phones effectively. In order to use this service with ease for transferring files, let's explore the steps that are listed below for your guidance: 

  • Access Google Photos on your Android device and tap on "Settings" > "Backup" to enable the Backup feature to sync all your images to Google Photos automatically.
  • After successfully syncing, log in to Google Photos on your iPhone using the same ID to access the files. 

transfer photos via Google Photos

6️⃣ Google Keep

Supported File Types: Notes, Drawings, Images, Recordings

When it comes to transferring important notes, Google Keep is a popular choice. Therefore, to use this service, follow the below steps to avoid any error:

  • Launch Google Keep on your Android phone and tap the "+" icon to create a new note. You can add the desired images and audio to the note.
  • When you have created the desired notes, move to the iPhone. There, install Google Keep and log in using the same Google account to access all the notes.

Use Google keep to backup notes

Method 3. Share Files from Android to iPhone with Mobile Transfer Apps

After exploring some of the best cloud service methods to transfer files from Android to iPhone, it is time to explore some transfer apps. You can quickly transfer data using the following best apps to transfer data from Android to iPhone without issues.

1️⃣ Move to iOS

To transfer data to your new iPhone, Move to iOS from Android can assist you a lot in this. Its detailed steps are given below, which you can easily follow to avoid any technical error during the transfer process:

  • Start setting up your new iPhone, and select "Move Data from Android" when you reach the "App & Data" screen during setup. Open Move to iOS on Android and input the code to establish the connection.
  • Moreover, choose the data you want to transfer and tap "Continue." Then, wait till the progress bar gets completed to access files on your iPhone.

Move to iOS

2️⃣ SHAREit

SHAREit, a widely used data transfer application, has been instrumental in facilitating seamless file transfers from Android to iPhone for countless users worldwide. To optimize your experience with this application, we have outlined the following steps for your convenience:

  • To begin transferring files, open the SHAREit application on your Android or iPhone device. Confirm that both devices are linked to the identical Wi-Fi network. Next, navigate to the main page on your Android device and opt for the "Send" feature. From there, you can handpick the specific files you wish to transfer to your iPhone.
  • Furthermore, tap "Send" and enable the required permissions to allow the app to search nearby devices running the SHAREit app. On the iPhone's SHAREit app, tap "Receive," and as soon it is detected on the radar, tap on its "Avatar" to begin the file transfer.


3️⃣ Feem


Feem is another professional file-transferring app that is used to share files across multiple platforms. Summarized below are the steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone via Feem:

  • Upon launching the application while devices are linked to the identical Wi-Fi network, it promptly identifies the mobile phone and establishes a connection.
  • Now, you can click on the device to whom you want to share the files to access a chat. From there, press "Paper" icon on the bottom left corner > Images/Videos/Audio > Select Files > Send to transfer files.

4️⃣ Xender


Looking for a super simple solution to move your stuff from your Android to your iPhone? Well, in such a case, Xender can assist you a lot in this. With this, we’ve got you covered with some easy steps to make your file transfer from Android to iPhone a breeze.

  • Launch the Xender app on your devices and then tap the "Cross-green" icon located in the middle of the bottom menu on your Android device. Next, select "Send," triggering the appearance of a QR code on your screen.
  • On the iPhone, tap the "cross-green" icon and choose "Receive." On the next screen, tap "Connect Android" and scan the QR from the Android using your iPhone to connect both devices. After establishing a successful connection, you can easily share your files from Android to iPhone without any problem. 

5️⃣ Send Anywhere

For transferring data from Android to iPhone after setup, many people use the Send Anywhere application. Due to this, we have performed and mentioned the steps below to help you understand how this app works:

  • To access the Send Anywhere app on your Android device, navigate to the main page and choose the desired files for transfer to your iPhone. Once you've made your selection, tap the "Send" option to reveal three file-sharing choices: a QR code, a 6-digit key, and a shareable link.
  • Move to your iPhone and launch the Send Anywhere app. Here, tap "Receive" and either scan the QR code or input the key to start the file transfer process from your Android phone to your iPhone.

Send Anywhere

6️⃣ Zapya


Zapya is a widely used cross-platform file-sharing app that assists users in sharing files with proper end-to-end encryption between various devices without any error. By following the below steps, you can quickly transfer files from Android to iPhone with ease:

  • Access the application on both of your devices and tap on the "Side Arrows" at the middle of the bottom menu of the app on an Android phone. Then, "Create Group" from your phone and scan the QR code of it on the iPhone.
  • Once the connection is established, choose the files on your Android phone and hit the "Send" button to transfer files successfully.

Method 4. Copy Android Files to iPhone with Social Media Apps

In addition to diverse data transfer techniques and third-party software, some social media applications also serve as a means to seamlessly transfer files across multiple devices. To delve into the versatility of these exceptional multi-purpose apps, let's explore the following applications:

1️⃣ WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a widely used social media app globally that enables users to connect using their respective SIM numbers. Using this application, you can easily send messages and various media files to each other using the internet connection. To understand how this app helps to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on an Android device, tap on the "Message" icon under the "Chats" tab, and then select the targeted device number.
  • Once the new chat is open, hit the "Paper" icon, choose the targeted files, and tap the "Send" button.

2️⃣ Telegram


Telegram is a vibrant messaging platform that effectively connects Android and iOS devices for smooth file transfers. Whether you're exchanging photos, documents, or videos, this user-friendly software effectively caters to all your requirements. Within this extensive manual, we will guide you through simple steps that streamline the file transfer process:

  • To utilize the Telegram application on your Android device, open the app and select the designated contact by tapping the "Pen" icon. Then, press the "Attachment" icon and pick the desired files for sharing.
  • After selecting the file, tap "Send," your files will be transferred to the respective number whose telegram account is open on your iPhone.

Method 5. Send Files from Android to iPhone Using Email


Email continues to be one of the simplest and widely available methods for transferring files from an Android to an iPhone. The following outlines the steps for sending files from your Android device to your iPhone via email:

  • Head towards the email app on your phone and compose a new email in it with the desired email address as the recipient. Afterward, tap the "Attachment" icon and select the desired files you want to send.
  • Next, hit the "Send" icon, and your Email with respective files will be shared with the selected Email. Now, you can access the Email on your iPhone to save the shared files.

Bonus: Can I Transfer Files from Android to iPhone over USB-C to Lightning

Transfer data with USB cables

When it comes to transferring files directly from an Android device to an iPhone using a USB cable, unfortunately, this method doesn't work due to OS differences. Due to this, files are prevented from seamlessly engaging in direct file transfers over a cable. Therefore, alternative methods or intermediary tools are required to facilitate the transfer of files between these two platforms.

The Bottom Line

In summary, it's clear that transferring files from an Android to an iPhone is now achievable through the methods discussed above. It's vital to ensure a secure connection when handling data transfer. For this reason, we highly recommend utilizing EaseUS MobiMover, which offers a user-friendly interface and top-notch security for a seamless transfer of files from Android to iPhone.

FAQs on How to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

Regarding file transfer from Android to iOS, many questions keep rooming around in people's minds. Therefore, to answer those interesting questions, we have mentioned some FAQs for you as well.

1. Can I transfer files from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth without facing any error?

No, you cannot transfer files from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth because the iPhone does not support Bluetooth file transfer from Android to iPhone. That is why it is recommended to use thirty-party software like EaseUS MobiMover to avoid any data transfer limitations.

2. How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone?

The methods that are given below are used by people globally to transfer photos and other data from Android to iPhone:

  • WhatsApp
  • Google Photos
  • SHAREit

3. What type of files can be transferred without errors between Android and iPhone?

You can successfully transfer various file types between Android and iOS devices using various yet secured methods found online. With these methods, files, including photos, documents, notes, videos, audio, and much more, can be transferred easily through a reliable source.


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