How to Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch [Step by Step]

Discover the seamless integration between your Apple Watch and iPhone. Learn how to unlock your iPhone effortlessly with just a flick of your wrist. This guide provides a straightforward method to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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Can I Unlock My iPhone with an Apple Watch?

Before diving deeper into this discussion, let's address a burning question: "Is it possible to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch?" Absolutely, and this capability introduces a level of convenience we're excited to delve into.

Consider this scenario: you're walking around with your iPhone in your pocket or bag, and suddenly you receive a notification. However, you're wearing a face mask, making Face ID unresponsive. This is when your Apple Watch steps in, smoothly unlocking your iPhone without any hassle. It's not only about the inconvenience of masks. Imagine you're in the middle of an exercise session with damp hands or wearing gloves in cold weather. No need to struggle or remove your gloves – your Apple Watch is an effortless solution to get into a locked iPhone.

What's more – security isn't sacrificed. Your Apple Watch must be on your wrist, unlocked, and near your iPhone, ensuring that only you, with your trusted device, can access the iPhone's features. Now, let's dive into the convenience of unlocking with a flick of your wrist!

Before You Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Before we start the journey to unlocking the iPhone with Apple Watch, let's ensure everything is prepared. Here's a brief checklist for a smooth transition into effortless unlocking:

  • Compatible Devices: Verify that your iPhone and Apple Watch are compatible. This feature is available for iPhone X and newer, and Apple Watch Series 3 and up.
  • Software Updates: Update your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest software versions. This guarantees you have all the necessary features and enhancements for a smooth unlocking experience.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices. Efficient communication between your iPhone and Apple Watch is crucial for successful unlocking.
  • Wrist Detection: Make sure Wrist Detection is activated on your Apple Watch. This security feature confirms that the watch is securely on your wrist before it can unlock your iPhone.
  • Passcode Protection: Implement a passcode on your Apple Watch. This serves as an additional security layer in case the watch is removed from your wrist or lost.

With these steps covered, you're ready to enjoy the convenience of unlocking your iPhone with just your Apple Watch.

How to Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch [Step by Step]

Now, let's go through the steps to set up your iPhone to unlock with your Apple Watch. Here's how:

Step 1. Confirm that your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and nearby.

Step 2. On your iPhone, go to Settings.

Step 3. Scroll down and select "Face ID & Passcode."

face id and passcode

Step 4. Enter your iPhone passcode to access the settings.

Step 5. Toggle on the switch next to "Unlock with Apple Watch."

turn on apple watch

Step 6. A notification will appear on your iPhone to confirm that it will be unlocked by your Apple Watch. Approve this setting.

Step 7. Make sure your Apple Watch is on your wrist, unlocked, and close to your iPhone.

Step 8. Whenever your iPhone's Face ID encounters an obstruction, like a mask, it will automatically seek authentication from your Apple Watch.

connect iphone with apple watch

And that's it! You've successfully set up your iPhone to be unlocked by your Apple Watch. For other tricks, you can also learn how to unlock iPhone with Emergency Call screen or unlock iPhone without passcode using Siri.

All-in-one Solution to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

For those looking for a straightforward method to unlock their iPhones without entering passcodes, consider using EaseUS MobiUnlock. This efficient software offers a user-friendly unlocking process with several features to enhance accessibility.

EaseUS MobiUnlock

Here are some key attributes that set EaseUS MobiUnlock apart:

  • Face ID/Touch ID Removal: Easily disable Face ID or Touch ID without complex passcodes.
  • Versatile Unlocking Modes: Address different unlocking scenarios, whether you've forgot iPhone passcode or faced other access challenges.
  • Compatibility with Various Scenarios: Suitable for unlocking iPhones under various conditions, including unlocking a disabled iPhone or devices with unknown passcodes.
  • Complete Data Privacy: Unlock your iPhone while ensuring your personal information remains secure and private.
  • Efficient and Fast: Benefit from a fast unlocking process, minimizing the time and hassle typically involved.

To use EaseUS MobiUnlock, download the application, and follow the provided instructions.

How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with EaseUS MobiUnlock

unlock iphone without passcode with EaseUS MobiUnlock

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In conclusion, unlocking your iPhone with the Apple Watch offers a convenient and secure alternative, especially in scenarios where Face ID may face obstacles. For those seeking a broader solution, EaseUS MobiUnlock stands out as an efficient tool, providing versatility by bypassing passcodes, removing Face ID/Touch ID restrictions, and ensuring data privacy. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various scenarios make it a reliable choice for simplifying iPhone unlocking challenges.

Whether you choose the integrated Apple Watch method or opt for the capabilities of EaseUS MobiUnlock, both pave the way for a future of seamless and efficient tech experiences. For those looking beyond the conventional, we recommend exploring EaseUS MobiUnlock on their official website to unlock the full potential of your iPhone effortlessly.

FAQs on How to Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Now, let's address some common questions that may arise in your journey of unlocking iPhones and exploring convenient solutions.

1. Why isn't my Apple Watch unlocking my iPhone?

If your Apple Watch isn't unlocking your iPhone, first ensure both devices have the latest software updates. Check that Wrist Detection is active on your Apple Watch and that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled. Also, confirm that your Apple Watch is securely on your wrist and unlocked.

2. How do I reset my iPhone without losing everything?

To reset your iPhone without losing everything, it's crucial to back up your data before proceeding. Utilize iCloud or iTunes to ensure that your essential information is safely stored before initiating the reset. Then go to Settings on your iPhone, tap "General", select "Reset", and tap on "Erase All Content and Settings".

3. Can I bypass iPhone passcode without computer?

While typically a computer is recommended for bypassing passcodes, there are methods available without one. If you've enabled Find My iPhone and linked it to your iCloud account, you can remotely erase your device and set it up as new. Remember, this approach will erase all data, so ensure you've backed up important information beforehand.

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