Why Jailbreak iPhone? [Reasons For & Against]

There are pros and cons when it comes to one of the common questions 'Why jailbreak iPhone'? This article will go deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of jailbreaking an iPhone.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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If you are an iPhone user or a tech geek, you probably know about iPhone jailbreaking. Due to fewer customization and restrictions, many iPhone users jailbreak their iPhones to make them the way they want. However, there are pros and cons when it comes to one of the common questions: "Why jailbreak iPhone?" If you puzzle over "Should I jailbreak my iPhone?" this article will go deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of jailbreaking an iPhone.

Benefits of Jailbreaking an iPhone

Nowadays, Apple offers way more customizations than ever before. You can make too many changes to the user interface. All the well-known apps are also available on the App Store, but there are still many reasons people go for a jailbreak. Here are the details of some prominent benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone.

1️⃣Unlock SIM Card: A significant amount of iPhones are sold directly by the carriers (cellular network providers). On these iPhones, you can't use any other SIM card. It stops you from getting the benefits of services that other carriers offer. After jailbreaking, you can unlock your SIM Card to use any cellular network. We also provide detailed instructions on Jailbreak iPhone to Unlock SIM Card at the end of the passage.

2️⃣Download Unauthorized Apps: Another eminent benefit of jailbreaking an iPhone is to install third-party iOS apps that aren't on the Apple Store. These apps may include entertainment and sports streaming apps you don't see on the App Store. Apart from this, it may also include indie video games or apps in the testing phase.

3️⃣Remove Default iPhone Apps: Like any other operating system, iOS also comes with some default apps, such as calculator, FaceTime, Clock, Calendar, etc. Sometimes, you want to use their alternative available on the App Store. So, there is no need to keep two similar applications on your Phone. However, iOS doesn't allow you to uninstall default apps. In this situation, jailbreaking iPhone comes into play when you can download Cydia (a third-party App Store). With this application, you can uninstall iOS default apps.

4️⃣Display Customization: iOS always brings a straightforward, standard, clean user interface to make their devices extremely user-friendly. However, many iPhone users find it quite orthodox. They want to customize their iPhones, but iOS restricts too many changes to the display settings. With a jailbroken iPhone, you get the full freedom to customize control center options to your liking. You can also change the look of the default apps with the help of different themes and effects.

5️⃣Access the iOS File System: Jailbreaking of an iPhone allows you complete access to the iOS file system. Due to this handy benefit, you can have a secure shell (SSH) client on your device. After this, you can securely move data between two devices via a network connection. On top of this, you can also fix corrupted files and install applications that aren't available on the App Store.

6️⃣Install Third-Party Data Recovery Tool: iOS doesn't allow access to the entire storage of the installed apps. It's a good practice from a security perspective as it protects your device from malware infection and malicious activities. However, in case of a data loss with no backup available, you can't recover the data entirely due to limited access to the storage. Jailbreaking allows you to install third-party data recovery tools that unlock deep scanning of your iPhone storage. It enables you to recover everything in case of a data loss.

restore iphone after jailbreak

How to Restore iPhone After Jailbreak

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7️⃣Free Tethering: Tethering allows you to share your mobile data with smartphones and other network devices, such as laptops. Previously, cellular networks often charged for it, but now, it is usually free. The good thing is that jailbroken iPhones can do it for free. For this purpose, you can use unauthorized apps, such as MyWi, available on Cydia.

8️⃣Add New Features on Older Versions: Apple frequently releases newer iOS versions with many new features. However, the older devices don't receive the updates due to different reasons, such as hardware capabilities and Apple policy. Jailbreaking brings many newer iOS features to older devices running on older iOS versions.

9️⃣Call Recording: If we look into Android, call recording is pretty easy. All you need is to press the recording button, and that's it. But iOS doesn't allow you to record calls. With a jailbroken iPhone, you can install unauthorized call-recording apps to record calls. These apps record all the calls over applications, such as WhatsApp and FaceTime.

🔟Use Activator: Activator is a renowned jailbreak feature that allows iPhone users to assign custom actions. For example, a manually configured activator can close all running apps when you long-press the volume down button. It puts the overall user experience of an iPhone to a new level.

Drawbacks of Jailbreaking an iPhone

On one hand, you get to see plenty of benefits of jailbreaking. However, on the other side, there are a few drawbacks as well you should consider reading before jailbreaking your iPhone.

1️⃣Expose to Spyware/Malware: Apple always offers high-end security with regular updates and security patches. But, when you jailbreak your device, you no longer receive prompt updates that make your device vulnerable to security breaches. As a result, you may face some personal or financial loss.

2️⃣No More Warranty: One of the biggest disadvantages of jailbreaking is that it voids the warranty from Apple. If you jailbreak your iPhone and something happens to its software or hardware, Apple is no longer responsible for the damage.

3️⃣Unable to Apply Software Updates: If you jailbreak your iPhone, you no longer receive regular iOS updates from Apple. This thing can lead to persistent software glitches that appear on your iPhone. If you jailbreak your iPhone, the only solution to fix the issues is to wait for a jailbreak update that takes weeks to arrive.

4️⃣The Risk of Bricking iPhone: Jailbreaking an iPhone can also lead to the bricking of the device, where the firmware gets damaged. Due to this, your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo or in recovery mode,

Bonus: Jailbreak iPhone to Unlock SIM Card

As discussed earlier, jailbreaking an iPhone can also unlock the SIM Card. Now, there are plenty of applications in the market that can unlock the SIM Card on an iPhone. EaseUS MobiUnlock is a top-rated iPhone unlock application that offers multiple unlocking features. It includes:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and run EaseUS MobiUnlock. Select "Remove SIM Lock" from the home-page. 

Remove SIM card - Step 1

Step 2. Check your device's infromation displayed on the screen, and then click "Start." After that, you'll see our Terms of Use, click "I Agree" and then click "Start" again to proceed. 

Remove SIM card - Step 2

Step 3. Then, you'll need to confirm your device information and click "Start Unlocking" to strat the unlocking process. Wait until the process is completed. 

Remove SIM card - Step 3

Step 4. Once the SIM card is unlocked, you can disconnect your iPhone and go to check whether it is SIM lock removed. 

Remove SIM card - Step 4


Decide Whether to Jailbreak Your iPhone

Should I jailbreak my iPhone/Why jailbreak iPhone


  • Unlock SIM card
  • Download Unauthorized apps
  • Remove default iPhone apps
  • Display customization
  • Access iOS file system
  • Install third-party data recovery tool
  • Free tethering
  • Add new features on older version
  • Call recording
  • User activator


  • Expose to malware/spyware
  • No more warranty
  • Unable to apply software updates
  • Risk of bricking iPhone

There are reasons why jailbreaking iPhones. If you are confused by the question: "Should I jailbreak my iPhone?" you can refer to the above advantages and drawbacks to decide whether to jailbreak your iPhone or not. It's okay to jailbreak an iPhone if it's already out of warranty and you want to customize it. But, if it is in warranty, think twice before any action as it will void all warranties. In the end, the decision depends on you, but it's highly prohibited to jailbreak your iPhone for any illegal activity.

FAQs on Why Jailbreak My iPhone

Read out the below FAQs on why jailbreak my iPhone.

1. Does Apple want you to Jailbreak a phone?

No, Apple doesn't appreciate jailbreaking an iPhone. Apple tries its best to offer maximum customization and all the apps to offer you a complete experience.

2. Is it possible to un-jailbreak an iPhone?

Yes, it's possible to un-jailbreak an iPhone, but some of the signs of jailbreaking an iPhone remain intact. Hence, you can't completely un-jailbreak an iPhone.

3. What do you lose when you jailbreak your iPhone?

If you jailbreak your iPhone, you may lose all the data stored on your iPhone, including your documents, pictures, and videos. On top of this, you also lose the warranty. But there is a professional iPhone data transfer tool - EaseUS MobiMover, which can back up all your iPhone content to an external hard drive or your computer before you jailbreak your iPhone. In this case, you don't have to worry about losing data.

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