How to Bypass Activation Lock iOS 17 on iPhone [4 Ways]

This article tells you how to bypass the activation lock iOS 17 on an iPhone. It includes 4 ways to bypass the iCloud activation lock with or without the previous owner's Apple ID.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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While iOS 17 brings many exciting new features to improve the iPhone user experience, it also retains some familiar ones, like the Activation Lock. In iOS 17, the Activation Lock remains a crucial security feature, preventing an unauthorized person from using your lost or stolen iPhone and increasing the chances of recovering the device.

However, there are situations where bypassing the activation lock in iOS 17 becomes necessary. For instance, if the iPhone's screen becomes unresponsive and it becomes challenging to enter your activation lock credentials. This often happens when the iPhone is a gift from a friend or a family, and the previous owner forgot to remove it from their iCloud account.

Don't worry. This article will walk you through how to bypass the activation lock in iOS 17, including the method to remove the activation lock in iOS 17 without the linked Apple ID.

Can iOS 17 Activation Lock be Bypassed?

Yes, the iOS 17 activation lock can be bypassed with the right tools or right services. If you have the associated Apple ID and password, you can easily get around this security feature. Apple offers 3 official ways to remove the activation lock on an iPhone or bypass activation lock iPad, even when your iPhone is offline or is not in your possession.

If you don't have the credentials or can't contact the previous owner, attempting to bypass the activation lock in iOS 17 without an Apple ID will be challenging but still possible. You will need an iCloud bypass tool for your iPhone to help you out.

It is important to NOTE that some techniques for bypassing the iPhone activation lock could not function with iOS 17. For instance, iPhones running the most recent iOS 17 versions will not be able to get past the iCloud activation lock using DNS settings.

It's possible for you to bypass the activation lock as mentioned above. How to manage it? Read the passage below to see specific methods about how to bypass the activation lock on your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch:

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How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch

In this guide, we will present you with four methods to bypass the Activation Lock on your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch easily and quickly.

bypass activation lock

3 Official Ways to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS 17

If you have the correct password to the linked iCloud account, removing the activation lock in iOS 17 is simple. Here, we provide 3 official ways for you to choose from:

  1. Method 1. Bypass the activation lock in iOS 17 using Apple ID
  2. Method 2. Bypass the activation lock in iOS 17 via
  3. Method 3. Ask Apple to bypass the activation lock for you

Method 1. Bypass the activation lock in iOS 17 using Apple ID

When you see the activation lock screen on your iPhone, just follow the onscreen instructions to enter the correct Apple ID email/phone number and password used to link this device to iCloud.

use apple id to bypass the activation lock

If you don't remember the password for the Apple ID account, you need to tap "Activation Lock Help" and follow the onscreen steps to reset your Apple ID password. Then use the Apple ID and the new password to bypass the activation lock.

Method 2. Bypass the activation lock in iOS 17 via

If your iPhone can't connect to an internet network or the screen is not responsive, you can try to perform the activation lock removal using another internet-enabled device. In this method, we will guide you on how to bypass the activation lock in iOS 17 by removing the "Find My iPhone" activation lock without an Apple ID.

🙌The step-by-step guide is listed below:

Step 1. Go to the official site of iCloud Find Devices. This will take you to the "Find Devices" webpage.

Step 2. Sign in with the Apple ID associated with the iPhone and enter the password.

bypass activation lock ios 17 via icloud

Step 3. Select the device that you want to disassociate from iCloud.

Step 4. Click "Remove from Account".

remove iphone from icloud

Method 3. Ask Apple to bypass the activation lock for you

Another way to remove Apple's activation lock and continue using this iPhone is to ask Apple for activation lock support. During an activation lock support request, Apple support staff will ask you to provide proof of ownership for the device. It may include the original purchase receipt or invoice, the device's serial number and IMEI, and the registered Apple ID. Then they will help bypass the activation lock on your iPhone on their end.

ask apple support for activation lock removal

Keep in mind, however, that there is no guarantee that it will work as Apple may decline your request, even though you're legitimately trying to get your own device activated. Additionally, if you are using a second-hand iPhone, it will be harder or even impossible to prove that you own the iPhone.

How to Remove Activation Lock Without Apple ID

If you can't reset the Apple ID password because you forgot the email or phone number of your account or you no longer have access to the registered email or phone number for verification, you will need an iPhone activation lock bypasser to remove the activation lock without an Apple ID.

EaseUS MobiUnlock is one of the leading iCloud activation bypass solutions in the market for its effectiveness and usability. It can unlock a wide variety of iPhone lock screens, including removing the activation lock, to help you regain full access to your iPhone and other iDevices. Most notably, this tool is completely compatible with iOS 17 through iOS 9 to unlock your iPhone (but for the Bypass Activation Lock function, it supports iPhone 5s - iPhone X and iOS 12 - iOS 16). With its user-friendly layout, EaseUS MobiUnlock makes activation lock removal without Apple ID easy and painless.

🙌Steps to bypass activation lock on iPhone with EaseUS MobiUnlock

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC. Click "Bypass Activation Lock." Check out the "Term of Use" and click "I Agree" to proceed if you agree with all content.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 1

Step 2. Click "Start" to move to the next step - jailbreack your iPhone or iPad. Click "Jailbreak Tutorial" to see how to jailbreak your Apple device. (Note that if your iPhone is running iOS 15 - iOS 16.4, the EaseUS tool will jailbreak the device automatically.) If you already jailbroke your device, click "Jailbreak Completed" to proceed.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 2

Step 3. Click "Bypass Now," and EaseUS MobiUnlock will start removing Activation Lock from your iPhone or iPad.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 3

Step 4. Wait for the process to complete. After the process, click "OK" to confirm, and you can set up your iPhone or iPad without obstacles. 

Remove Activation Lock - Step 4

Bottom Line

That is all about how to bypass the activation lock iOS 17 with or without Apple ID. We provide three official ways to remove the iCloud lock on iOS 17 devices and introduce a tool - EaseUS MobiUnlock, which is the easiest and fastest way to bypass the iPhone activation lock on iOS 16/15/14. It saves time and effort to reset your Apple ID password or chat with Apple support.

It is important to note that bypassing the activation lock on an iPhone that doesn't belong to you is unethical. You should always use any activation lock bypass tools responsibly.


Here are some questions that are asked by many iPhone users about unlocking an iPhone.

1. Is it possible to bypass the iPhone locked by the owner?

Yes, it is possible to unlock an iPhone locked to the owner if you can obtain the Apple ID and password from the previous owner or use an activation lock removal tool. However, nearly all activation lock removers are premium services.

2. Can you jailbreak an iPhone to remove the activation lock?

No, jailbreaking an iPhone won't remove the activation lock. Jailbreaking an iPhone gives you root access to iOS, but unfortunately, the activation lock doesn't reside in iOS but in Apple's database.

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