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Discover top solutions for updating your iCloud email with ease. Whether you're looking to refresh your digital presence or streamline your Apple ecosystem, understanding how to change iCloud email is essential. This guide offers practical steps and tips to make the transition smooth.

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Updated on Mar 12, 2024

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  • You can change your iCloud email address in some ways. iCloud email is the keystone of your Apple ID.
  • To change iCloud email, go to the Settings app, Apple ID website or to change the email address.
  • If you encounter issues when you change your iCloud email, you can try to remove your iCloud account from iPhone with EaseUS MobiUnlock.

Can I Change My iCloud Email?

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, or just an everyday user of iCloud like most of us Apple users, managing the digital ecosystem that orbits around your iCloud account is very crucial. The changing of your iCloud email in an efficient way is a subject that still lacks precise clarification and results in numerous misunderstandings because the information provided by Apple on this matter is not entirely satisfactory. In case you need a way to change your iCloud email, then this is the right text for you. In this article, we will discuss the various situations that may call for such a change and provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to change iCloud email, along with some good fixes to apply.

Can I change my iCloud email address? The short answer is yes – but not as easily as changing your Facebook profile name. iCloud email is the keystone of your Apple ID, the kingdom of Apple for a lot of users. Changing your iCloud email entails a few caveats, especially when it comes to ensuring a smooth transition of all your data, settings, and app-related content.

How to Change iCloud Email

Changing your iCloud email address involves a few simple but critical steps that you must follow carefully to avoid potential data loss or disconnection between your Apple devices. In this post, we will share three different methods for changing iCloud email, so you can use the one best suited for you. Here is how to change iCloud email exactly.

1. iPhone Settings

The first way of changing your iCloud email is to do it via the Settings app on your iPhone. This is how you can do this:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and look for the Settings app. Tap on your Apple ID card, which is the first thing you see at the top.

Step 2. Select "Name, Phone Numbers, Email."

name phone numbers email

Step 3. Tap "Edit" and then designate your new email as the "Contactable At" option.

edit apple id email

2. Apple ID website

If you prefer a more extensive overview of your account, the Apple ID website is the solution for you. This web-based method gives you control over various account details.

Step 1. Visit and sign in with your current iCloud email address.

signin apple id

Step 2. Under the Account section, click on "Edit" in the right sidebar.

edit apple id account

Step 3. Locate the "Reachable at" section and add your new email address. Follow the prompts to verify it.


You might also simply change your email address – directly from (and, if you want to stay there and not feel too overwhelmed, there are interfaces that give you iCloud services alone).

Step 1. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID credentials.

Step 2. Click on "Account settings" and choose "Manage Apple ID" when prompted.

manage apple id

Step 3. In the Account section, click on "Edit" and insert your new email address as the "Reachable At" option.

add more apple id

How to Create a New iCloud Account

If you've made the decision to create a completely new iCloud account with a different email address, here's how to do it so it doesn't take forever:

1. On Your iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap on "Sign in to your iPhone" at the top.

sign in to your iPhone

Step 2. Choose "Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it?" and then select "Create Apple ID" when prompted.

create apple id

Step 3. Follow the setup process, including selecting "Get a free iCloud email address."

2. On the Web

Creating a new iCloud account through the Apple website gives you a more detailed overview and the opportunity to customize further from the get-go.

Step 1. Visit and select "Create Your Apple ID."

create your apple id

Step 2. Enter your details, with your new email address specified as your new Apple ID.

enter your apple id details

Step 3. Complete the process and verify your email.

Bonus: How to Remove iCloud Account from iPhone in One Click

Besides, if you find yourself in need of urgently and unquestionably removing a former or forgotten iCloud account on your iPhone without knowing any passcodes, then a one-click solution like EaseUS MobiUnlock may be of help.

If you can't sign out of your Apple ID, you can use MobiUnlock to remove the Apple ID from your device. Later, you can create a new one on your device. MobiUnlock is particularly good at unlocking iOS devices, bypassing Apple ID, and removing iCloud activation lock. Therefore, it's the best panacea for such unexpected challenges.

Reminder: Before you start, make sure that you've enabled Two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. If you've ever set a screen lock for your device, make sure you can remember the passcode becasue we need you to trust this computer on your device. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock on your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad. Select "Remove Apple ID" from the home page of this program.

Click Remove Apple ID

Step 2. Then, our program will start recognizing your device. Once your device is detected, click "Start" to proceed. Following that you'll need to download a firmware. Once the firmware is ready, click "Unlock Now." 

Unlock Apple ID - Step 2

Step 3. A warning screen will pop up to ask you to enter the needed information. Proceed by enterring what it needs and then click the "Unlock" button.

Unlock Apple ID - Step 3

Step 4. Wait for your Apple ID to be removed. Then, you can regain access to your device with a new Apple ID.

Unlock Apple ID - Step 4


Now you know how to change iCloud email in different ways. However, changing your iCloud email address or creating a new account might seem overwhelming due to data loss and syncing issues. However, guided properly with the necessary tools, this process could be quite easy. Navigating through iPhone Settings, Apple's website, and using third-party apps will enable you to have enough control over your digital identity. Take into account all the alternatives carefully as well as adhere to the step-by-step instructions; within no time you will be syncing across your Apple devices with your new iCloud email.

For those sticky situations where an iCloud account needs immediate removal, EaseUS MobiUnlock stands out as a reliable and safe solution. In an era where personal digital security is paramount, having a trusted tool like MobiUnlock can be invaluable.

FAQs on How to Change iCloud Email

Here are some of those frequently asked questions about changing your iCloud email address.

1. What to do if I can't change my iCloud Email?

If you're encountering issues when trying to change your iCloud email, then it's best to double-check your steps and make sure you're following the correct procedure. If the problem persists, reach out to Apple support for additional assistance.

2. How do I transfer my iCloud email to a different Apple ID?

Unfortunately, you can't directly transfer your iCloud email to a different Apple ID. However, you can set up email forwarding with your new email address to ensure you don't miss any important communications.

3. Can I delete my primary iCloud email address?

You cannot delete your primary iCloud email address. However, you can remove it as the primary email and then set a different email as the primary one in your Apple ID settings.

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