How to Jailbreak iPhone to Unlock Carrier [Step by Step]

Looking to break free from carrier restrictions? In our comprehensive guide, learn how to jailbreak your iPhone to unlock its full potential.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

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The iPhone is definitely one of the coolest and most popular smartphones globally, celebrated for its stylish looks, impressive speed, and easy-to-use interface. However, there's one common challenge that iPhone users often run into – carrier restrictions. Many iPhones are locked to specific carriers, meaning you can only use them with a particular network provider. This restriction can be frustrating, especially if you want the freedom to switch carriers.

One method users usually use to unlock iPhone carrier is jailbreaking their devices. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of iPhone jailbreaking, explaining what it is, the benefits, and the risks involved. It will also discuss how to jailbreak an iPhone to unlock a carrier and recommend a reliable tool to help you jailbreak iPhone on Mac or Windows.

Part 1. Why Does Your iPhone Say Locked by Carrier

iPhone is locked by carrier

Have you ever bought a brand-new iPhone through a carrier promotion or similar method? If yes, you've likely come across a notification informing you that your phone is "carrier-locked." The question that arises in this situation is what does carrier-locked mean?

When your iPhone is carrier-locked, it essentially means that it can only be used with a specific mobile network provider and is restricted from being used with any other carrier. Carriers impose this restriction for several reasons, and understanding them is crucial to appreciating why unlocking your iPhone might be desirable.

  • Subsidized Phones: Numerous mobile providers provide iPhones at heavily discounted rates or at no cost when you commit to a contract or payment schedule. To recover their expenses, these providers restrict the phone's compatibility to their network for a set duration, usually spanning from 12 to 36 months.
  • Network Compatibility: Carriers use different technologies and frequencies for their wireless networks. A locked iPhone is configured to work optimally with the specific network it's locked to, ensuring the best call quality and data speeds. However, this can be limiting if you want to switch to a carrier with better coverage or lower prices.
  • Economic Interests: Carriers have financial incentives to keep you on their network. By locking your iPhone, they hope to retain you as a long-term customer, ensuring a steady stream of monthly payments.

Part 2. Does Jailbreaking an iPhone Unlock the Carrier

jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreaking your iPhone is a term that often gets mixed up with the concept of carrier unlocking. However, they are distinct processes, each serving a unique purpose. Let's clarify what jailbreaking does and whether it can unlock your iPhone from carrier restrictions.

1. Jailbreaking Explained

Jailbreaking an iPhone involves circumventing the software limitations enforced by Apple's iOS operating system. Through this procedure, you attain unrestricted entry to the iPhone's file system. This enables the installation of third-party applications and modifications that extend beyond what's offered in the official Apple App Store.

Moreover, this flexibility empowers you to tailor your iPhone to your preferences, augment its capabilities, and explore functionalities that haven't received Apple's official endorsement.

2. Carrier Unlocking Explained

Carrier unlocking, on the other hand, specifically addresses the restriction that ties your iPhone to a particular mobile network provider. When you unlock your iPhone from carrier restrictions, you can use it with any compatible carrier's SIM card. It gives you the freedom to switch carriers or use local SIM cards when traveling abroad.

3. Does Jailbreaking Unlock the Carrier

Jailbreaking primarily focuses on customizing the iOS software and allowing the installation of unauthorized apps. So, does jailbreaking unlock the carrier? Half right! If you need to unlock the carrier restrictions, first, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. You can also jailbreak an iCloud locked iPhone to unlock your iPhone with Actication Lock using some unlocking software.

Part 3. How to Unlock iPhone Carrier by Jailbreaking on Computer

Now that we've clarified the difference between jailbreaking and carrier unlocking, let's get back to unlocking your carrier-locked iPhone. While jailbreaking the iPhone directly doesn't result in unlocking a carrier-locked iPhone, it is certainly an essential step forward. All you need is a reliable and trusted tool to unlock your carrier-locked device.

One such example is EaseUS MobiUnlock, which is a powerful tool that can remove carrier locks. This tool simplifies the process of jailbreaking iPad or iPhone and unlocking it from carrier restrictions. Additionally, it provides a range of other functionalities, including the ability to bypass various screen locks on iOS devices.

This EaseUS software is capable of more, including:

  • Resolve issues such as iPhone Security Lockout, iPhone Unavailability, and iPhone Disabled.
  • Effortlessly remove your Apple ID from your iPhone.
  • Bypass the Screen Time Passcode without any risk of data loss.
  • Remove iTunes backup encryption even when you don't have the passcode.

Here is how to jailbreak an iPhone to unlock the carrier with EaseUS MobiUnlock:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and run EaseUS MobiUnlock. Select "Remove SIM Lock" from the home-page. 

Remove SIM card - Step 1

Step 2. Check your device's infromation displayed on the screen, and then click "Start." After that, you'll see our Terms of Use, click "I Agree" and then click "Start" again to proceed. 

Remove SIM card - Step 2

Step 3. Then, you'll need to confirm your device information and click "Start Unlocking" to strat the unlocking process. Wait until the process is completed. 

Remove SIM card - Step 3

Step 4. Once the SIM card is unlocked, you can disconnect your iPhone and go to check whether it is SIM lock removed. 

Remove SIM card - Step 4

Part 4. What Are the Risks of Jailbreaking to Unlock iPhone

risks of jailbreaking

Unlocking the potential of your iPhone through jailbreaking may seem appealing, particularly if you're keen to break free from carrier restrictions. Nevertheless, it's crucial to recognize that jailbreaking carries inherent risks and downsides. Below are some of the potential hazards you should consider before attempting jailbreak:

1. Voiding Warranty: Jailbreaking your iPhone typically voids the manufacturer's warranty. If you encounter hardware issues or need official support from Apple, they may refuse service or repairs on a jailbroken device.

2. Security Concerns: Jailbreaking bypasses Apple's security measures, making your device more vulnerable to malware, viruses, and unauthorized access. Downloading apps and tweaks from unofficial sources can expose your iPhone to security threats.

3. Stability Issues: Jailbreaking can lead to stability problems, including frequent crashes, app compatibility issues, and slower performance. Your iPhone may not operate as smoothly as it did before.

4. Software Updates: After jailbreaking, you may face challenges with installing official iOS updates. Updating a jailbroken device can undo the jailbreak or cause other complications.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, as we've explored the process of how to jailbreak an iPhone to unlock a carrier, we've uncovered intriguing possibilities. Jailbreaking undeniably offers opportunities for personalization and the exploration of innovative features, but it also carries its own set of drawbacks.

However, for those willing, a valuable tool that stands out is EaseUS MobiUnlock. Unlocking your iPhone from carrier restrictions with EaseUS MobiUnlock is a viable and user-friendly solution.


Next, let's tackle some frequently asked questions about jailbreaking. If you're contemplating jailbreaking, continue reading for important answers to these inquiries:

1. What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing the iOS firmware restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS and iPadOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. It allows users to gain greater control over their devices by accessing the file system and installing third-party apps, customizations, and tweaks that are not available through the official App Store. Jailbreaking essentially opens up the iOS ecosystem, offering more freedom for device customization.

2. Is jailbreaking legal and safe?

While it does carry certain risks, jailbreaking your iOS device for personal use is entirely legal. The risks of jailbreaking include voiding warranties, potential security vulnerabilities, and the possibility of encountering stability issues. Hence, it is essential to carefully evaluate the advantages compared to the potential drawbacks in moving forward.

3. How to remove iCloud Activation Lock with EaseUS MobiUnlock

To remove iCloud Activation Lock with EaseUS MobiUnlock, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiUnlock on your computer, then link your iOS device to it, and from the main screen, choose "Unlock Apple ID." Once your device has been identified, select "Start" to continue.

Step 2. Following this, you will need to download the required iOS firmware. When the firmware is downloaded and ready, click "Unlock Now." Here, you will come across a warning screen where you need to type "777777" and click "Unlock" to begin the process.

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