iTunes Home Sharing Not Working - How to Fix

iTunes Homes Sharing is a great feature for moving data between connected devices. This guide presents various ways to fix the 'iTunes Home Sharing not working' issue.

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I recently upgraded my Mini from Monterey to Ventura, and now Home Sharing has stopped working. When I try to access my media from my Apple TV, it directs me to turn on Home Sharing, which was already on. I have tried turning Home Sharing and Media Sharing off and back on again on my computer, with all of the appropriate checkboxes being ticked. Do you have any suggestions for solving this problem? — From Apple Discussion

Many Apple users have raised the above issue in the Apple Discussion. To help you out, this guide brings plenty of methods together under one umbrella to fix this problem. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's establish a solid foundation by explaining why it's not working.

Why Is iTunes Home Sharing Not Working

The reasons behind why iTunes Home Sharing is not working on Windows could vary. Here are a few prominent factors that can lead to this issue.

  • Network Connection - The first condition for iTunes Home Sharing to work properly is to have all the connected devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Apart from this, the network strength could also be a valid reason for the raised issue.
  • iTunes Problems - Another reason that could lead to the issue of iTunes Home Sharing not working is not launching the application correctly. You need to launch iTunes through the Home Sharing feature to work properly.
  • Firewall Settings - Firewall settings on your Apple devices may also restrict the iTunes Home Sharing feature from working. Make sure the firewall does not block this feature.

How to Fix iTunes Home Sharing Not Working

The next stage, when you are aware of why iTunes Home Sharing is not working, is to apply the best practical methods. To assist you comprehensively, here are the ways you should consider using to fix this issue: Enable the Home Sharing option, ensure Bonjour Service is turned on, authorize iTunes on the devices, ensure the firewall allows home sharing, check the internet connection, restart all devices, update the software, keep the PC awake and iTunes open.

Also, if nothing works, we have an iTunes alternative for you to transfer data across all your devices. It is available on both Windows and macOS computers and supports iOS and Android. Moreover, with a clear UI, you can perform the data transfer action in just several clicks, perfect for users of all levels of technical knowledge.

🔑Option 1. Enable Home Sharing

There's a high possibility that the Home Sharing feature is not enabled on your device. Here's the step-by-step guide on how to enable Home Sharing.

For Mac or PC: Apply the following pattern: "iTunes" > "File" > "Home Sharing" > "to enable the Home Sharing in the Menu bar."

For iPhone/iPad: Apply the following pattern: "Settings" > "Music or Settings" > "to enable the Home Sharing."

enable home sharing on computer

🔑Option 2. Ensure Bonjour Service Is Activated

Bonjour is the protocol for Windows and Mac devices to find services via the local area network. Make sure this service is activated on your device. You can also double-check by turning it off and then on again. You should turn on iTunes and click "Edit" > "Preference" >"Sharing." "Bonjour Service" operates if the "Sharing" tab has sharing options. Or you can open "Window Task Manager" with iTunes being on > "Services" > check "Bonjour Service" in the running.

🔑Option 3. Authorize iTunes on Devices

It's essential to know that iTunes authorization on all your devices is necessary to use the Home Sharing feature. To check whether it's authorized, follow the below steps.

Step 1. Launch the Music app or open the Apple Books or Apple TV app. As for PCs, you can directly open iTunes for Windows.

Step 2. After this, go to "Account" and open "Authorizations." Here, you need to select "Authorize This Computer."

authorize this computer

It's worth noting that you can only authorize a maximum of five computers at once.

🔑Option 4. Ensure Firewall Allows Home Sharing

One of the prominent reasons behind Home Sharing not working could be the restrictions by the firewall on your wireless router. Firewalls allow you to turn off incoming connections that lead to this issue. You can enable this by applying the following steps.

Head into the "System Preferences'' and open "Security & Privacy." Inside this, open the firewall tab and allow incoming connections by toggling off the Block All Incoming Connection option.

block all incoming connections

🔑Option 5. Check Internet Connection

Make sure all your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and every connected device is getting an optimal speed. For this purpose, you can also perform a speed test. The following articles serve as instructions when you encounter Internet problems.

🔑Option 6. Restart All Devices

If nothing goes in your favor, the next thing you need to do is restart all your devices. It includes restarting your PC, Mac, iPhone, and wireless router. The chances are high that this reboot may fix the iTunes Home Sharing issue.

🔑Option 7. Update All the Software

All devices, including your home wireless routers, should be up-to-date. It allows devices to fix any issues and work properly. Here's how you can update all your devices.

Mac: Open the "Mac App Store" and select the "Updates" tab to verify the availability of new updates.

PC: Go to the "Windows Update" from the "Settings" app to check if any updates are available.

iPhone or iPad: Open the "Settings" app and head into "General". Here, tap on the "Software Update" option to verify the availability of a newer iOS version.

update iphone

🔑Option 8. Keep PC Awake & iTunes Open

One thing that many users do is to keep their Mac or PC in sleep mode while iTunes is working. It's essential to let you know that it may also stop the iTunes Home Sharing feature from working properly. So, keep the Mac, MacBook, or PC awake while using the iTunes Home Sharing feature.

🔑Option 9. iTunes Alternative for File Transfer

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Here is the step-by-step guide to transferring data from PC to phone as a reference of how this application works.

The End: Fixed 'iTunes Home Sharing Not Working'

iTunes Homes Sharing is a great feature for moving data between connected devices. However, it may not work due to various factors described in this guide. This guide also presented various options to fix the "iTunes Home Sharing not working" issue. Besides this, we recommend using the EaseUS MobiMover to transfer data between Apple devices, whether the iDevice is iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch.


FAQs About iTunes Home Sharing Not Working

Check out a few FAQs on the subject topic.

1. Why does iTunes Home Sharing keep turning off?

It could be due to signal interference from neighborhood devices or firewall settings. Try changing your location. Additionally, check if the firewall is allowing incoming connections from other devices.

2. How do I share my iTunes library with family members?

If you want to share your iTunes library with your family member, open the iTunes App on your Mac or PC. After this, select 'Preferences' from the 'Edit' option. Inside this, click 'Sharing' and choose 'Share my library on my local network.'

3. Does iTunes Home Sharing work if the computer is off?

No, iTunes Home Sharing doesn't work if the computer is off. On top of this, the computer should also be awake while using iTunes Home Sharing.