What Is My Photo Stream on iPhone: Everything You Need to Know

If you don't see My Photo Stream on your iPhone, don't worry. This article will talk about what is your Photo Stream and whether it is available to save photos from iPhone to other Apple devices that are set up with the same iCloud account.

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What is the iPhone Photo Stream? It's the first time I've heard of it. All my photos go directly and are saved to iCloud. Do I need to change anything and save my photos to My Photo Stream? (from users on Apple Community)

What is My Photos Stream on iPhone?

Photo Stream is a temporary storage service for photos on iPhone that allows you to automatically upload and store your last 30 days' most recent photos (up to 1,000 photos) and videos on iCloud and sync them to all your Apple devices that are set up with the same iCloud account.

This is to say that Photo Stream doesn't store photos permanently. Photos are automatically removed from the stream after 30 days. However, once photos are synced to your other devices, they will remain there in iCloud unless you manually delete them.

My Photo Stream

How to Access Your Photo Stream on iPhone?

Where is my Photo Stream on iPhone? To access your Photo Stream on iPhone, open "Photos" > "Albums". A separate album called "My Photo Stream" will appear before you where you can view and manage the photos that have been synced from your other Apple devices.

Is it Still Available to Save Photos on iPhone?

Apple shut down its Photo Stream feature in July 2023 and expect users to migrate photos and images from Phone Stream to iCloud Photos. With the introduction of iCloud Photos, the Photo Stream was replaced completely.

My Photo Stream vs iCloud Photos: What's the Difference?

My Photo Stream is just a temporary storage feature to save photos or videos for 30 days. It's iCloud syncing service is duplicated with iCloud Photos. My Photo Stream doesn't count take up iCloud storage and it doesn't support Live Photos, Burst Mode photos, or videos, which are available in iCloud Photos.

Anyway, the Photos Stream feature is closed by Apple and you can't use it anymore. Compared to Photos Stream, iCloud Photos is more versatile and powerful to sync or backup photos from iPhone. If your iCloud storage is almost full and you are reluctant to upgrade your iCloud storage space, EaseUS MobiMover is recommended here to backup iPhone to computer for free.

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