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[2 Tips]How to Print Emails from iPhone with/without AirPrint

Myra updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Home > iOS & Mac Topics

Applies To: iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s

Do you want to know how to print an Email from iPhone directly? Are you looking for the way to print Emails from iPhone without AirPrint? Are you interested in printing an Email from iPhone to PDF? If one of those are exactly what you need, you will get yourself satisfied by reading this article that provides two free and easy methods to print an Email from iPhone. Read on to get the details.

How to print Emails from iPhone in 2 ways

As mentioned above, there are generally two ways to print Emails from iPhone; one is to use AirPrint to print an Email from iPhone directly, the other is to get things done with the help of a computer. Choose one of the methods below according to your own needs.

Method 1 - Print an Email from iPhone with AirPrint

As you may know, AirPrint is a built-in feature on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac that helps to print photos and documents on the device. When it comes to printing an Email from iPhone, using AirPrint could be your choice. 

Requirements on using AirPrint to print an Email from iPhone:

  • Both your iPhone and the printer are under the same Wi-Fi network connection.
  • The printer is AirPrint-supported. (If you don’t know whether your printer supports AirPrint, check it from
  • The App you want to print Emails from supports AirPrint.

Make your devices ready and follow the steps below to print an Email from iPhone with AirPrint.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Mail > Inbox.

Step 2: Click the Email you want to print, tap the Forward icon at the bottom of your iPhone screen, and choose Print.

Step 3: In the Printer Options page, select the printer, including Canon printer, Brother printer, KODAK printer, and more, you want to print the Email to, set the copies you’d like to make, and choose the page range.

Step 4: Tap Print on the top-right of the screen to begin printing an Email from iPhone.

If AirPrint is not working on your iPhone, you can choose to use Method 2 to print Emails from iPhone or fix the issue first and follow Method 1 to get things done.

How to print an Email from iPhone - Method 1

Method 2 - Print Emails from iPhone without AirPrint

However, using AirPrint is not the only way to print Emails from iPhone. You can get your Emails printed with the help of iCloud and a computer. Here are the simple steps to do it.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, and toggle on Mail.

Step 2: On your computer, open a browser, visit, and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 3: Choose Mail and click the Email you want to print.

Step 4: Tap the Gear icon at the lower-left corner of the screen and choose Print.

Step 5: Set up the print options according to your needs and click Print to print Emails from iPhone without AirPrint.

If you want to print the attached files, like photos, in your Email. You can either download the photos on your iPhone and print it or transfer photos from iPhone to computer, and then print the pictures from the computer.

How to print Emails from iPhone - Method 2

What will you do if you want to print other files, like text messages and contacts, from your iPhone? If that’s what you are also interested in, read the article about how to print text messages from iPhone to get help.



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