Photos Taking up Too Much Storage with Optimised Storage Mode on: How to Fix

The Photos app is taking up half of my iPhone storage. I have more than 2000 photos stored on my iPhone with Optimised Storage Mode on. How do I manage photos and free up some space?

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Gorilla· Answered on Apr 01, 2024

If you've already turn on the "Optimize iPhone Storage" feature on your iPhone, but the iPhone storage is still almost full, then you can move your photos from iPhone to computer to free up some space. Here we recommend a free software to help you with that. That is EaseUS MobiMover. You can click below to download its trial version which enables you to transfer files from iPhone to PC or backup iPhone to PC for totally free.

Additionally, you can delete unwanted photos or videos, such as duplicates, blurry shots, or unwanted media. You can also move to the "Recently Deleted" album to empty photos here. Offloading unused apps is also a good option. Just go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, and select apps to offload or delete them.

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