How Are Shared Albums So Bad on iPhone and iPad

I created a shared album on my iPhone, aiming at sharing some interesting photos and videos with my friends. But there are so many restrictions for this feature. It's quite annoying.

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Gorilla· Answered on Apr 01, 2024

Shared Albums on iPhone and iPad may sometimes be perceived as less user-friendly or limited in functionality compared to other photo-sharing platforms. Here are a few of the shortcomings that some users have complained about Shared Album:

No duplicate notice: There's no prompt when you add duplicate photos into an album

Invitation limits: Non-album owners cannot invite others to share the album.

Terrible photo sorting: The default sort is by added date not the photo-creating date.

Sharing limits: Photos and videos are added in reduced quality and there are limits to the number of photos, albums, and invites that you can share. (Please refer to Does Shared Album Reduce Quality for details)

Syncing and update issues: It may occasionally experience syncing or update issues, causing delays in sharing or accessing new content added by participants.

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