StandBy Mode iOS 17 | Everything to Know

You may notice the new feature in iOS 17: StandBy Mode. It is a brand-new experience on the iPhone lock screen. This post will introduce what is StandBy Mode. You will also know how to turn on and customize StandBy Mode.

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The new fantastic features of iOS 17 have attracted a large number of Apple fans, and StandBy mode is one of them. If you have queries about StandBy mode, please read on to know more details.

What is StandBy Mode in iOS 17?

StandBy mode is a new feature in iOS 17, designed specifically for iPhone. It is a brand-new lock screen experience. When an iPhone enters the StandBy mode, the screen shows a variety of clock styles, pictures, the weather, music controls, intelligent application recommendations, and more. StandBy mode feature is activated when the device is charged and tilted sideways. This feature gives consumers an easy way to view and interact with information, making it especially useful for usage on workstations, kitchen counters, and bedside tables.

Users can access and interact with this information conveniently at any time by configuring it to suit their interests and needs. Furthermore, StandBy mode allows users to get vital information even while they are absent from the smartphone by supporting larger alerts, incoming calls, Siri, and real-time activities.

what is StandBy Mode

In addition to StandBy mode, there are many exciting features in iOS 17. These new features can improve the user experience. You can update your iPhone to iOS 17 to enjoy these new features.

How to Turn StandBy Mode on or off

Excited to enjoy the StandBy feature? You need to turn on StandBy mode in the Settings app. It should be noted that StandBy mode requires the iPhone to be plugged in to use. You should also turn off the Low Power mode, otherwise the iPhone screen will automatically turn off.

Here are the steps to turn on StandBy mode

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Scroll down to find "StandBy" and tap it.

Step 3. Toggle on the "StandBy" button.

how to turn on standby mode

You can follow the same path to turn off StandBy mode. Sometimes, you may encounter the iOS 17 StandBy not working issue. Don't worry. You can refer to other articles to learn the solutions.

How to Customize StandBy Mode iOS 17

Users can slide the widget's display content up, down, right, or left when it's in StandBy mode. In order to have the system alter the display content for you, they may also choose to manually adjust the widget or use the smart rotation option. Furthermore, StandBy mode allows users to get vital information even while they are absent from the smartphone by supporting larger alerts, incoming calls, Siri, and real-time activities.

🎈Here are some tips for customizing StandBy mode in iOS 17.

  • Choose the appropriate clock style: You can select your preferred clock style. Depending on your taste and style, you can select a digital clock with dynamic effects or one that is straightforward.
  • Adjust brightness and contrast: The brightness and contrast of StandBy mode can be adjusted based on the surroundings and individual preferences. This can improve the visibility of the clock and other data in various lighting scenarios.
  • Custom background: Although StandBy mode might not allow you to directly change the backdrop, there are still alternative options available. For instance, you might make a personalized wallpaper with a third-party app and use it as your home or lock screen image. In this manner, while StandBy mode is engaged, you will view your preferred backdrop.
  • Alternate clock types frequently: You might grow weary of the same clock style over time. You may personalize your StandBy mode and keep it interesting by switching up the clock style on a regular basis.

StandBy mode will remember the user's favorite view, facilitating viewing and interacting at any time.

The Bottom Line

StandBy mode in iOS 17 provides users with a convenient and practical way to view and interact with information while reducing the average power consumption during inactive time. To turn on StandBy mode in iOS 17, follow the steps:

  • Settings > StandBy > Toggle on StandBy

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