Why Does It Take iCloud Photo Library so Long?

I find it takes so long when I want to sync photos to the iCloud photo library. Why does it take the iCloud photo library so long? Can you share some tips to fix this problem?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Apr 30, 2024

The iCloud photo library taking so long may be caused by an unstable network, insufficient storage, large numbers of files, or poor device performance.

  • Network connection: iCloud photo synchronization requires a stable network connection. The sync process may take longer if your network connection is slow or unstable.
  • Numbers of photos or videos: The syncing process may take longer if your iCloud Photo Library contains many photos or videos, especially HD or high-resolution media files. It may be more time-consuming to upload and sync all your photos during the initial sync.
  • Insufficient iCloud storage: If your iCloud storage is full or nearly full, syncing photos may become slow or impossible. You can check the usage of iCloud storage in the "iCloud" option in "Settings" and upgrade or optimize the storage space as needed.
  • Device performance: The performance of your device may also affect the sync speed of your iCloud Photo Library. If your device has low performance or insufficient storage space, it may cause sync to be slower.
  • iCloud service load: During peak hours, the iCloud service may face higher load, which may affect synchronization speed. You can try syncing during off-peak hours to reduce wait times.

So, the fixes to the iCloud photo library taking so long comprise:

  • Connect to a faster, more stable network.
  • Check and optimize iCloud storage space.
  • Close unnecessary background applications and clear device storage space.
  • Synchronize during off-peak hours.

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