What Happens If I Delete eSIM?

I accidentally deleted my eSIM from my smartphone, and I am afraid of losing data on it. What happens if I delete my eSIM? Are there any terrible results?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Jun 27, 2024

The most direct impact of deleting the eSIM is that you can no longer use the eSIM card to communicate and surf the Internet. This means that you have completely deleted the electronic SIM card in the device, so you can no longer use the services provided by the card, such as calls, text messages, and data connections.

You need to pay attention to some other things when you delete an eSIM.

  • Need to reactivate or register: If the eSIM card is bound to a certain operator, you may need to reactivate or register the card after deletion. This may involve contacting the operator's customer service department and following their instructions.
  • Binding issues with the device: If the eSIM card is bound to a certain device, you may need to rebind it after deletion. This may involve some additional steps and configurations.
  • Cost: In some cases, such as when the eSIM of an iPhone card-sticking machine is deleted, you may need to reapply for an eSIM card and unlock it. This may involve some additional fees, depending on the specific circumstances of the operator and the device.

Deleting an eSIM will have a greater impact on your communications and Internet services, so before deleting it, make sure you understand the consequences.

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