How Much Storage Do You Need for Your Photos?

I've been taking photos since 2004. And I have 20000 photos, taking up 200 GB of storage. I have very few photos that have been repeated and are similar. How much storage do I need for my photos?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on May 24, 2024

How much storage space photos take up depends on the number of photos and your personal needs. There are detailed factors for this issue.

  • The amount of photos you now have or intend to take and store on your device is the main determining factor.
  • File sizes for photos with higher resolution, such those from a newer iPhone camera, can go up to 5MB.
  • The size of a video file can vary greatly depending on the bitrate and video resolution—from 50MB to several gigabytes (GB) per minute of footage.
  • The file sizes can increase even further if you alter your photos or work with RAW image formats; these files typically range from 10 to 50 MB each.

Here is a simple guide on the storage photos needed:

  • Usual user: 32GB to 128GB of iPhone storage is typically plenty for the average user who shoots a moderate number of photos (a few hundred to a few thousand).
  • Photographer: For people who is more active and shoots a lot of high-resolution photos and films can benefit more from having 256GB to 1TB of iPhone storage.

If the photos takes much storage on your iPhone, you can sync them to a cloud service. Another way is to transfer them to computer. You can use EaseUS MobiMover to transfer all of your photos from iPhone to computer. It will free up your iPhone storage. It can also help your back up all of your iPhone data to computer easily. It is easy to use EaseUS MobiMover to free up your iPhone storage. Its transfer speed is fast and it is easy to use.

Different types of users will have significant differences in the storage space required for photos on iPhone, which mainly depends on their photography habits, photo quality, etc.

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