How Long Do Shared Albums Take to Upload?

My husband shared 70 photos with me. I have subscribed to the shared album, but it is empty. Does it take a long time for large photos and videos to be uploaded to a shared album?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Jun 26, 2024

The time it takes for photos to upload to a shared album varies depending on photo size, Internet speed, device conditions, and more. Here is a simple estimation of the uploading time.

  • For a small number of photos, uploading to a shared album can take a few seconds to a minute or two.
  • For a larger number of photos,  uploading to a shared album takes several minutes to up to an hour.

Depending on your internet speed and file size, the time to upload will vary. For example, if the photo file size is large (10+ MB each) or the photo resolution is high, uploading to a shared album will take a long time. The overall upload time will also depend on how many photos are uploaded simultaneously. The images will be uploaded to iCloud faster with a faster internet upload speed. Longer upload times are the result of slower internet connections. Depending on cellular vs. Wi-Fi access, uploading on a mobile device could be slower than on a computer. Upload speeds may also be impacted by other device usage.

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