Does Android Have AirDrop? (Quick Answer)

Do Android phones have a feature like AirDrop on iPhones? I want to quickly exchange files and photos across devices. What is the Android version of AirDrop?

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Jean· Answered on May 14, 2024

Yes, Android phones have similar features to AirDrop on iPhones: Samsung's Quick Share and Google's Nearby Share (now known as Quick Share). They offer identical functionality to AirDrop and allow users to swiftly and securely share files with nearby individuals.

Quick Share is Samsung's proprietary file-sharing platform, available exclusively on Samsung Galaxy devices. Nearby Share is Google's take and provides wider adaptability on Android devices (Including Samsung) which operate Android 6.0 or later.

So, if you're using a Samsung device and want to share files with another Samsung device, you can use Quick Share.

Step 1. Open the notification panel, swipe downwards, and tap "Quick Share" to enable it on both Samsung devices.

Step 2. Open the "Gallery" application, select an image, and tap the "Share" button.

Step 3. Select a Samsung device to transfer the image.

Step 4. Wait for the target device to receive the transfer request.

If you're using other Android devices, such as Pixel and Huawei, and want to share files with any Android smartphone, you can use Nearby Share (known as Quick Share from newer phones).

Step 1. Activate the Bluetooth and location services on your phone or tablet.

Step 2. Navigate to "Settings" > "Connected Device" > "Connection preferences" > "Nearby Share".

Step 3. Toggle "Device visibility" on or off to your liking.

Step 4. Select photos, webpages, or other content you want to share, tap "Share", select "Nearby", and tap "Turn on".

Step 5. Select a device you wish to share with under "Looking for nearby devices".

Step 6. Tap "Done" when the content is sent.

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