What to Prepare Before Switching from Android to iOS?

I'm going to switch from my Samsung Galaxy S21 to my new iPhone 15. What can I do to make switching to an iOS device easier? Do I need to prepare something on my iPhone so that my app can run seamlessly on my iPhone?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on May 05, 2024

Before switching from Android to iOS, you must make some preparations, such as backup, to make the transition smoother. There are more preparations listed below:

  • Back up Android device: Back up your contacts, photos, videos, documents, and other important data.
  • Check your application: List all the apps you use on your Android device and check if they have corresponding versions on the iOS App Store. If not, you may need to find alternative apps or reconsider whether you need them.
  • Cancel subscriptions and associated services: Before switching to iOS, make sure you cancel all subscription services on your Android device (such as music, movies, in-app purchases, etc.) and unblock any services associated with the Android device (such as Google Play Games, Google Fit, etc.).
  • Clean Android device: Remember to clean your Android device and delete personal data, apps, photos, etc. to protect your privacy and security.

The most important thing is to transfer data from Android to iPhone. There are some third-party services that can help you migrate from Android to iOS more easily, such as EaseUS MobiMover. EaseUS MobiMover can help you quickly transfer data such as contacts, message history, camera photos and videos from Android Device to new iPhone. The data migration process is easy and fast.

In addition to the tasks listed above, you can also prepare an iCloud account, understand the operation of iOS devices, and consider purchasing some necessary accessories, such as chargers and protective cases. Tell your contacts and important services (e.g., bank, social media, etc.), your new mobile phone number (if you changed it), and your device type so they can stay in touch with you. After completing these preparations, you can start using your new iOS device.

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