Does iTunes Backup Everything? Here is the Answer

I want to back up my iPhone with iTunes. But I don't know what iTunes backup includes. I'm worried that some data is not backed up. Does iTunes back up everything?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

No, iTunes doesn't back up everything on your iPhone. iTunes will back up most of the files on your iPhone, but not all files will be backed up. The contents of iTunes backup mainly include photos, text messages, memos, call records, contacts, etc. Let's take a look at what iTunes backs up and what it excludes.

What does iTunes backup include:

  • Contacts, Call History, Notes, and Voice Memos
  • Camera roll photos and videos, and other media files
  • Text messages, iMessages, and multimedia messages (MMS)
  • App data, health data, device settings
  • Keychain and Safari Bookmarks and History

What iTunes backup doesn't include:

  • Apple Pay and Touch ID/Face ID settings
  • Files stored in iCloud Drive
  • Apple email messages and attachments
  • App Store content (the apps themselves)
  • Data already stored in iCloud
  • Data from your Apple Watch

You can know more information about what iTunes backup includes, you can refer to other articles. Although iTunes can back up most of your important iPhone data, not all files will be included. And iTunes backup adopts the method of full backup and full recovery. You cannot independently choose the data you want to back up. So, if you want to find a more flexible backup method, please turn to EaseUS MobiMover. EaseUS MobiMover is the best iTunes alternative for iPhone users. With it, you can selectively back up your iPhone data, like photos or messages. The backup process is quick and easy.

Just download and follow the easy tips to back up your iPhone:

  • Launch EaseUS MobiMover > "Backup Manager" > "Backup" > Select the data and destination > One-Click Backup.

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