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How to Download A Song and Set It as A Ringtone

sofia albert

Sofia Albert updated on Jul 20, 2023 | Home > Make iPhone Ringtone

It is boring to hear the same ringtone every day. To make answering the phone or receiving messages more interesting, it's recommended to download songs you like and set them as your customized ringtones. This may sound simple, but it really isn't. If you want to know how to do it, keep your eyes on this guide and follow us to do it with ease.

Part 1. How to Download Song for Ringtone on iPhone

It is more difficult to download a song for a ringtone on iPhone than on Android since the iPhone set a strict restriction to set a custom ringtone. Most apps in App Store only offer ringtones but do not allow you to set the downloaded tones as your ringtone directly. Instead, you have to use iTunes or specific ringtone makers to send ringtones to your iPhone ringtone library. To simplify the process, we will give you some easy ways to download songs as ringtone on your iPhone directly. 

Option 1. EaseUS Ringtone Editor

If you're looking for an app that can both help you make a song a ringtone and set the customed ringtone on your iPhone, don't miss this feature-rich iPhone ringtone maker - EaseUS Ringtone Editor. With which, you can convert any songs you like into ringtones and add them to your iPhone without any separate process. If you don't know where to find nice ringtones, you can use EaseUS Ringtone Editor's built-in downloader to download one from SoundCloud. Not only that, it even allows you to make a YouTube video into a ringtone

Want to explore more functions of EaseUS Ringtone Editor? If you do, just download it on your computer and follow us to make your ringtone.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer > Run EaseUS Ringtone Editor > Drag and drop the music file to the editing bar, or you can select a song from your computer by clicking "Browse."

Launch EaseUS Ringtone Editor

Step 2. Rearrange and shorten the length of the song by dragging the slider to the start and stop time of the song you wish to use as a ringtone > Click "Clip" to proceed. 

Trim your song

Step 3. After clipping, you can add recordings and sound effects like fade-in/fade-out and emojis sound to the clip. Once it's done, click "Export."

Add recordings and sound effects

Step 4. You can choose "Push to iPhone" to export your edited ringtone to your device or choose "Save to Disk" to save it on your computer.

Push the ringtone to iPhone - Step 4

Option 2. iTunes Store

If you don't mind spending $0.99 purchasing a tune and another $0.99 to convert it to a ringtone, you can directly buy a ringtone from iTunes Store. This might cost you a little money, but it saves your time. Here's how to do it.

Step 1. Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap "More" (...), then select "Tones" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Tap "Charts" or "Featured" to browse available ringtones or tap the "Search" icon to look for one.

Step 4. Tap the price next to the ringtone and enter your password to confirm the purchase.

Step 5. Tap "OK" to download the ringtone.

Step 6. Go to the Settings app to set it as your ringtone.

Purchase songs from iTunes library

Option 3. iTunes

iTunes also helps to save a song for ringtone. The whole process can be roughly divided into three steps. Firstly, download a song from ringtone websites. Secondly, convert the song into a ringtone. Finally, sync this ringtone to your iPhone. The process is a little bit complex, so you'd better be careful to handle it. Any mistake may lead to failure. Now you can follow these steps to do it.

First of all, you'll need to download a song for a ringtone. You can either search for one from Google or save one via some free and reputable sites like Zedge, Phonezoo, CellBeat, and Tones7. After choosing the song, you can finish the rest of the steps.

Step 1. Drag and drop the mp3 song you downloaded from websites to your iTunes library.

Step 2. Right-click the song and choose "Get Info."

Step 3. Then, a dialog will appear to let you cut the song by inputting the start and stop time. (make sure it is no longer than 30 seconds) Once it's done, click "OK" to proceed.

Step 4. Right-click the song you edit again and select "Create AAC Version."

Step 5. After creating an AAC version of this song, you can see it in your iTunes library. Right-click the AAC version and choose "Show in Windows Explorer."

Step 6. After locating the file in your Windows Explorer,  you'll see this song followed by m4a. You'll need to change its extension from m4a to m4r by right-clicking and choose "Rename."

Note: If you can't edit its extension, that means you may have turned the file extension off. In that case, you can click "View" and then check the box next to "File name extension."

Step 7. Once you've made a ringtone, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes, tap your phone icon, choose "Tones," and then drag and drop the ringtone from your computer to the "Tones" section. 

Step 8. If everything goes smoothly, you can go to your iPhone to set this song as your ringtone.

Make a song a ringtone with iTunes

Option 4. GarageBand

If you neither want to pay for a ringtone nor use a computer to make a ringtone, think of using a ringtone maker app like GarageBand. According to Wikipedia, GarageBand is a line of digital audio workstations for iOS devices that allows users to create music or podcasts. With it, you can create a ringtone with a song downloaded from a web browser or with GarageBand's built-in instruments. If you wish to download a song for ringtone with GarageBand, this guide covers the steps on how to make a song a ringtone with GarageBand.

Download song for ringtone

Part 2. How to Download Music for Ringtone on Android Phones

It is comparatively easier to download music for a ringtone on Android than on iPhone. You can download a song from reputable ringtone sites in your web browser and then transfer it to your Android or directly download a ringtone app for Android. Since it is quite simple to download music for a ringtone on an Android phone, we won't list the process. But we will show you some of the best free ringtone websites and apps for Android.

    1. Audiko:
    2. Pi Music Player:
    3. Zedge:
    4. MTP – Ringtones and Wallpapers:
    5. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker:
    6. Bells and Whistles Ringtones:
    7. Z Ringtones:

The Final Words

Through reading this post, we hope you've learned how to download music for ringtone. As you can see, it is easy to find a ringtone for both iPhone and Android. But it is comparatively difficult to set a custom ringtone on iPhone. But with EaseUS Ringtone Editor, you can easily get things done. If you're bored with the default ringtones on your device, you can change it with the methods offered in this guide.