What is Voice Isolation on iPhone? [Mic Mode]

Do you feel your voice sounds fuzzy when you are on a call? There is a hidden feature on iPhone that improves calling quality - Voice Isolation. This post will walk through the definition and advantages of Voice Isolation. You will also learn how to use voice isolation.

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When you make a phone call with someone, you may hear noises from the background. If you are irritated about this, you come to the right place. This is what Voice Isolation can do for you. This post is a complete guide on Voice Isolation on iPhone.

What is Voice Isolation on iPhone?

The "Voice Isolation" feature on the iPhone refers to a technology that optimizes the audio input experience in specific scenarios, especially during FaceTime or phone calls. Specifically, When the iPhone's Voice Isolation feature is enabled, it prioritizes capturing and amplifying the user's voice while minimizing or eliminating background noise. Voice Isolation uses the iPhone's built-in microphone noise suppression algorithm and audio processing capabilities to highlight foreground speech, making the call heard more clearly by the other party.

voice isolation on iphone

Where can Voice Isolation be used:

  • Voice Isolation is especially useful for clear calls in noisy environments, such as in streets or environments with background conversation.
  • In public places, this feature helps block the voices of people around you from hearing your conversation. It can increase the privacy of the call and protect personal privacy.
  • In business meetings or remote working scenarios, clear voice calls reduce information transmission errors. It improves meeting efficiency, and makes remote collaboration more efficient.
  • For users with sensitive hearing or who have difficulty distinguishing speech from noise, the Voice Isolation function reduces the difficulty of hearing identification and relieves the burden on the ears.

How to Turn on Voice Isolation on iPhone

If your iPhone and iOS meet the requirements for Voice Isolation, you can try this wonderful feature.

Requirements for Voice Isolation:

  • This feature was first officially introduced as a prominent feature in iOS 15.0. You can only use some related apps like FaceTime.
  • It is introduced to voice call improvements in the Phone app in iOS 16.4 and subsequent versions. That means you can also use Voice Isolation when you have a cellular call.
  • You need to have an iPhone XS or newer to use the Voice Isolation feature.
  • You can only use the feature when you're on a call.

Here is how to turn on Voice Isolation on iPhone.

Step 1. When you are having a call, open Control Center. (Swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPhone screen.)

Step 2. Tap the "Mic Mode" section on the screen.

mic mode voice isolation

Step 3. Choose "Voice Isolation."

turn on voice isolation

This will turn on Voice Isolation on your iPhone. If you want to turn off Voice Isolation, you can click "Standard" through the same path.

Things Related to Voice Isolation on iPhone

In addition to Voice Isolation, you can see "Wide Spectrum" on the Mic Mode selection screen. Let's know what Wide Spectrum is.

Wide Spectrum captures a wide spectrum of surrounding audio, including not only the sound of the user but also other sounds in the environment. These sounds are like background music, conversation, or ambient noise. Wide Spectrum contrasts with Voice Isolation, which focuses on clearly capturing the user's voice and reducing background noise.

The wide spectrum mode provides a more natural audio environment experience during FaceTime calls or recordings. It is suitable for those situations where you want to retain or need to include ambient sounds. For example, if you are recording a live speech at a concert or conducting an interview outdoors, you can turn on Wide Spectrum mode. It lets your audience feel the atmosphere of the scene.

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The Bottom Line

Voice Isolation improves how your voice sounds during calls. It can isolate ambient voice to make calls clear. The Voice Isolation function improves users' privacy protection, efficiency and comfort by optimizing the voice communication experience on iPhone. It is a convenient tool in modern communication.

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