What is MMS Messaging on iPhone? - All to Know

If you are confused as to what MMS Messaging is, then you have come to the right place. This guide expounds on What is MMS Messaging on iPhone. It also introduces how to enable MMS messaging on iPhone.

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When you use the messaging service on your iPhone, you can find there are some different message types. These terms, like MMS, SMS, or iMessage, may rush through your head. Today, many people are prone to choose MMS messages as their main communication mode. What is MMS? You will find comprehensive answers in this post.

What is MMS Messaging on iPhone?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS is the "third generation SMS service" following SMS (Text Message Service) and EMS (Enhanced SMS Service). MMS has greatly expanded the types of media that can be sent and received, including complex images such as photos, large charts, music clips, video clips, etc. MMS allows users to transfer and receive videos, images, ringtones and text files. You can understand it this way: MMS is based on SMS. MMS has more features than SMS.

What types of data MMS support:

  • Pictures (JPEG, PNG, etc.)

  • Video clips (usually limited to a certain size and duration)

  • Sound or music files (AMR, MP3, etc.)

  • Text information

  • Hyperlinks and other embeddable media objects

MMS is one of the standard features of many smartphones. With the development of instant messaging applications, many applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat have emerged one after another. Nowadays, although MMS still exists, more people are accustomed to using the multimedia messaging functions in these applications.

How to Enable MMS on iPhone

After having a basic understanding of MMS messaging, you may want to employ the service on your iPhone. First, you need to turn on MMS text messages on your iPhone.

Here is how to enable MMS messaging on iPhone.

Step 1. Turn on the cellular data on your iPhone.

  • Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the iPhone home screen.
  • Turn the cellular icon green.

Step 2. Head to the Settings app.

Step 3. Scroll down to find 'Messages' and tap it.

Step 4. Scroll down to find 'MMS Messaging.'

Step 5. If it is not turned on, toggle on the switch.

Step 6. If you want to send messages to a group of people, toggle on the 'Group Messaging' option.

turn on mms messaging

You may find MMS messages not downloading, click it to see the answers.

How to Use MMS on iPhone

MMS messaging offers you more communication options than sending texts. If you want to use MMS, here are some tips for you to do so. Make sure you have enabled 'MMS Messaging'. Then, start your journey to the social world.

  • Open the Messages app, create a message > tap the camera icon > take a photo or video or select one from photo albums to send.
  • Open an app, select a file > tap Share > share it with Message.

There are other MMS service options waiting for you to continue exploring. If you encounter the 'Message Send Failure' issue, you can refer to other articles to know the fixes.

The Bottom Line

MMS is a multimedia messaging service. With MMS, you can send messages with photos and videos using your data plan with your carrier. To use MMS, you need to enable MMS messaging in the settings app:

  • Go to Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging.

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