What Is Dynamic Island on iPhone 15/14 and How to Use It

This article explains what ‌is Dynamic Island‌, how it works, and how to turn it off/on on your iPhone 15 or iPhone 14. If you don't know what you can do with Dynamic Island clearly, follow the guide below and you will get everything about it in a few minutes.

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What Is Dynamic Island on iPhone

Dynamic Island is the black bar on top of iPhone 15. It is a pill-shaped area at the top of the iPhone screen. This space changes size and shape based on the notifications and interactions it is displaying. For example, phone calls, media playback, system notifications or app status. It integrates the TrueDepth camera and utilizes the surrounding display pixels to create a dynamic and interactive space. Dynamic Island is a magical way to interact with iPhone.

Dynamic Island

How does Dynamic Island work? Dynamic Island works by merging the display pixels around the pill-shaped cutout to create a larger, interactive area that can adapt in size and shape. This area displays various types of alerts, notifications, and ongoing activities, making it a central hub for information and interaction on the iPhone. Does iPhone 14 have Dynamic Island? Yes. It is an innovative feature introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro models and later.

What Does the Dynamic Island Do

What can the dynamic island do? Good question. Dynamic Island is a prime example of Apple's commitment to integrating software and hardware in innovative ways, enhancing user interaction and making information access more intuitive directly from the iPhone's main interface. The feature's ability to adapt dynamically and host various interactions and alerts makes it a significant enhancement for newer iPhone models.

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Dynamic Island serves multiple functions, including:

  • Displaying system alerts (e.g., privacy indicators, battery life, AirDrop transfers).
  • Showing real-time activities such as navigation directions, music playback, and phone call durations.
  • Hosting widgets for quick interactions with ongoing background activities.
  • Providing a visual indicator for actions like Apple Pay transactions or Face ID unlocking.

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How to Use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14/15

Before you start using this feature, you need to set up and customize Dynamic Island first. How to set up Dynamic Island and customize the Dynamic Island setting?

Here's how to set up Dynamic Island:

Step 1. On your iPhone 14 or later, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Dynamic Island.

Step 2. Then you will see manageable apps or features here to set up Dynamic Island.

With this dynamic notification feature, you can do many actions on your iPhone, including:

Interaction with Apps: Tap on the Dynamic Island to switch directly to the app related to the information being displayed.

Access Widgets: Long-press on the Dynamic Island when it shows media playing to access playback controls within a widget.

Managing Multiple Activities: When multiple activities are displayed, the Dynamic Island can split into different sections, allowing users to interact with each activity separately by tapping or swapping between them.

Dismissing Animations: While you cannot disable Dynamic Island, you can dismiss its animations by swiping left or right across it, which minimizes distraction without stopping any background activity.

How to turn off Dynamic Island? Well, you can't disable Dynamic Island directly and you don't heve to turn off this convinient feature on your iPhone. Dynamic Island is a fixed feature on newer iPhones that enhances how you interact with ongoing activities and notifications, providing a dynamic and efficient way to manage tasks without leaving the current app environment.