[Quick Fix]iPhone X/iPhone 8 Not Vibrating? Useful Fixes Here!

Vibration No Working on iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? Read this blog post and learn how to fix the issue according to the situation you are in.

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"iPhone not vibrating" is an issue that occurs frequently on iPhones. Many iPhone users have reported problems like "iPhone won't vibrate when I receive calls" and "iPhone not vibrating for text". It's necessary to learn how to fix the issue quickly for you may miss some important information or calls from others due to vibration not working on your iPhone. Given that, this article is written to provide iPhone users with effective solutions to the "iPhone X/iPhone 8 not vibrating" issue. For fixes to other common iPhone problems like App Store not downloading, go to iOS & Mac Topics to find what you need.

Tips Effectiveness Difficulty
1️⃣Switch on Vibration It is to check whether Vibration is on in Accessibility settings. Easy
2️⃣Turn on Vibration on Ring/Silent It is to check whether you have switched on Vibrate on Ring and the Silent/Ring switch is pulled. Easy
3️⃣Choose a vibration pattern It helps you choose correct vibration on your iPhone. Easy
4️⃣Reset all Settings It allows you to reset the settings on iPhone without erasing data. Moderate
5️⃣Force restart iPhone It is a simple way to fix some minor issues of iPhone. Moderate
6️⃣Restore iPhone to factory settings It helps factory reset your iPhone by downloading new firmware. Super easy

Fixes to iPhone X/iPhone 8 not vibrating in iOS 11

💡Tip 1. Switch on Vibration under Accessibility

It's true but many iPhone users don't know that if Vibration is not on in Accessibility settings, all vibration on your iPhone will be disabled. Thus when the "iPhone X/iPhone 8 not vibrating" issue happens, go to Settings to check whether you have turned on Vibration on your device.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Go to General > Accessibility > Vibration.
  • Toggle on Vibration.

💡Tip 2. Turn on the Vibration on Ring/Silent

iPhone X/iPhone 8 won't vibrate on ring or silent? The cause might be that you haven't turned on the corresponding option on your device. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and then toggle on Vibrate on Ring or Vibrate on Silent. If you have just switched on Vibrate on Ring, make sure the Silent/Ring switch (on the left side of your iPhone) is pulled toward the front of your iPhone. While if you have turned on Vibrate on Silent only, make sure the switch toward the back of your iPhone.

💡Tip 3. Choose a vibration pattern

In other words, make sure the None option is not checked under Vibration. For example, if your iPhone is not vibrating for text, you need to:

💡Tip 4. Reset all Settings

Don't worry. This operation will erase your iPhone settings without wiping out your iPhone data. Many iPhone users have reported the effectiveness of this solution in coping with the "iPhone doesn't vibrate" issue. Go to Settings > General > Reset and then choose Reset All Settings.

💡Tip 5. Force restart iPhone

As one of the commonest fixes to iPhone problems, force restarting iPhone is also helpful if your iPhone X/iPhone 8 won't vibrate. For iPhone X/8/8 Plus, quickly press and release the Volume Up button, quickly press and release the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (side button) until you see the Apple logo.

💡Tip 6. Restore iPhone to factory settings

If the "iPhone not vibrating" problem is software related, the last tip you can try to fix it yourself is to reset your iPhone X/8/8 Plus to factory settings. Back up your iPhone to your computer first and then follow one of the two tips below to make it.

Option 1. Restore iPhone 8/8 Plus/X to factory settings without iTunes

It is recommended to use a professional tool -- EaseUS Mobixpert to factory reset your iPhone. This is the most convenient and efficient way. This software can help you easily factory reset your iPhone. Moreover, it can also help you solve various iOS system problems, such as iOS update stuck or iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode.

Here are the steps to use EaseUS MobiXpert to factory reset your iPhone.

Step 1. Open EaseUS MobiXpert on your computer. Then select "System Repair" > "Reset Device".

MobiXpert hompage

Step 2. Click "Factory Reset." Then connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable when prompted.

select Standard Reset

Step 3. When you're done, your iPhone will enter the recovery mode automatically. If it fails, you can also follow the on-screen guide to enter the recovery mode manually. Now click "Next" > "Repair now" to download the iOS firmware and start the factory reset.

click Repair Now

Step 4. Wait for the process to complete. Then click "Done" to close it.

the process is completed

Option 2. Reset iPhone 8/8 Plus/X to factory settings with iTunes

You can also reset your iPhone 8/8 Plus/X to factory settings with iTunes. Before that, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer and then follow the steps below to continue.

  • Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable and launch iTunes. Tap on Trust on your iPhone to trust this computer.
  • Tap on the Device button in iTunes and choose Summary.
  • Click Restore iPhone > Restore to reset your iPhone to factory settings.


The problem "iPhone X won't vibrate" appears frequently and it can bother you to use your iPhone. But this problem is not difficult to solve, you can try several methods recommended in this article to fix this issue. If other methods do not work, it is recommended that you factory reset your iPhone through EaseUS MobiXpert.

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FAQs on iPhone X/iPhone 8 Not Vibrateing

1. Why my iPhone 8 is not vibrating?

You need to check your vibration setting for Ring and Silent Mode. There may be some problems with your iPhone settings at this time.

2. How do I test my iPhone for vibrating?

On the left side of your iPhone, flip between Ring and Silent a few times. The vibrating motor on your iPhone might be damaged if it doesn't vibrate, yet there could also be a software problem present.