Your iCloud Storage is Full? How Can You Clear It

A few days ago, my iCloud storage reached its limit, so I upgraded from the 50 GB plan to the 200 GB one. Can anybody tell me other ways to fix the iCloud storage full issue?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Apr 22, 2024

If you get the message 'Your iCloud storage is full,' it means that you need to free up your iCloud storage.

If your iCloud storage is full, this could be due to several reasons. Different iCloud storage spaces have different prices. If you exceed this capacity, you need to purchase additional storage plans. If your photos and videos are all stored in iCloud, this can quickly consume a lot of storage space. Backups of your iPhone, iPad, and other devices are also stored in iCloud, and each device backup will occupy part of the storage space. Certain applications, such as notes, documents, health data, etc., will also be synced to iCloud.

Here are some tips for freeing up iCloud storage. They may help you get rid of the 'Your iCloud storage is full' message.

1. Check what takes up iCloud storage to decide what to clear

2. Upgrade your iCloud storage plans to get more space

3. Delete old iPhone backups, photos and files

4. Clear the caches in Safari

5. For photos and videos, consider turning on 'Optimize iPhone Storage'

6. Delete infrequently used apps and their data

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