Why is My iPhone 15 Pro Overheating after updating?

I bought a new iPhone 15. But when I use it for a long time, it becomes so hot. Why is my iPhone 15 overheating? Is there some problems with my iPhone 15?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

Your iPhone 15/15 Pro Max may get overheating after you install the latest iOS on your iPhone. Apple says it may be a software bug causing the overheating issue. And with the iOS 17.0.3 release, Apple made an effort to solve the issue of the iPhone overheating.

Let's see some possible reasons why your iPhone 15 is overheating:

  • External environment: If you use your iPhone 15 in a hot or humid environment, it may get even hotter. These conditions can cause the phone's internal components to overheat.
  • Battery problem: The battery on your iPhone 15 may be faulty or aging. This may cause the overheating issue of your iPhone 15.
  • Software issues: When the iPhone 15 is running large apps or games, it may cause the processor to spin at high speeds and generate heat. Additionally, some apps may run in the background and consume a lot of resources, causing your iPhone to heat up.
  • Hardware issues: Parts inside the iPhone may be damaged or malfunctioning, such as circuit board issues. If there is a hardware problem with the iPhone 15, it may also cause the iPhone 15 to heat up. In addition, some parts may make it difficult to dissipate heat.

Common fixes to iPhone 15 overheating:

  • Keep your iPhone away from extreme hot temperatures
  • Close background apps on your iPhone
  • Update your iPhone 15 to the latest version
  • Reset all settings on your iPhone

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