Why is App Store Asking for Payment for Free Apps?

Every time I try to download an app from the App Store, it requests that I confirm my billing information, even though the software is free. Why is App Store asking for payment for free apps? What should I do?

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Sofia Albert· Answered on May 23, 2024

When you attempt to download a free app, Apple demands that you have a working payment method associated with your Apple ID. So, sometimes, you will be asked for payments in App Store. Another aspect: You are asked to pay for free apps; there may be errors with your account settings.

  • Many free-to-download applications may contain optional paid content. Users do not need to pay when downloading, but if they want to obtain additional features or content during use, they may need to make in-app purchases.
  • While browsing or using the app, the user may accidentally click on the in-app purchase option, resulting in a system prompt that requires payment.
  • If your Apple ID is associated with a payment method, and Family Sharing purchases are set up, you may be asked to confirm payment.
  • If you previously tried to download a paid app or made an in-app purchase but did not complete the payment process, you may still be prompted to pay when you try to download or use the app again.

You need to confirm whether the downloaded app is indeed free and pay attention to whether there are in-app purchases. Check your account settings to see if there are any outstanding purchases or subscribed services. If you made a mistake, you can try to cancel the order or contact Apple support for a refund.

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