Why Does AirDrop Keep Canceling? (2024 Quick Reply)

I'm sending a 50+ minute video from my Mac Mini to my iPhone 14. It works because it worked fine a couple of days ago. I click on share, Airdrop, and select my name from the recipient list. It says it's waiting; my phone buzzes; it's sending, and before I can touch it, it says it's canceled. I could neither accept nor reject the Airdrop.

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Jean· Answered on May 14, 2024

There are several reasons why AirDrop is always canceled: not enough available space, connectivity issues, inappropriate settings, device incompatibility, and an iOS 17 issue.

Let's explore how to stop Airdrop from turning off without telling you accordingly:

1. Free up storage without deleting anything for your iPhone/Mac/iPad.

2. Make sure the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on.

3. Adjust AirDrop settings. There are three modes: Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone. If your device is in the Off mode, Airdrop will keep turning off.

4. Update your device to the latest version. Sometimes, outdated versions of iOS may prevent AirDrop transfers from starting or completing.

5. Apple occasionally releases updates for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS as public beta releases. These updates sometimes contain bugs that cause problems with AirDrop. If this is the case, you can either wait for the next release or simply downgrade back to iOS 16 from the beta.

6. Sometimes, a simple restart or reboot can solve this problem.

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